News - Fastest Way To Complete Horde Hunt Event And Unlock Killshot Operator Warzone 2 Season 2

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I'll be showing you how to do the base zombie challenges and the armored zombie challenges, how to get the skulls, and how to get the bones as fast as possible. Without further ado, let's get into today's article. We've done this right here with the ray gun case, so the first challenge is the Epic ether tool.

You need to have 75 bones. I'm going to show you which mode you need to get the bones into in a minute-second challenge. You need 150 bones. We can't see what the item is right now, but I'll leave an update in the description on how to get that too. Third challenge, 310 bones for challenge Epic, and the tool again.

Epic 6 625 bones: this is invisible; I can't see it again. 1, 250. Bones legendary ether tool 2, 5, 500 bones, 5, 000 bones I can't remember what I unlocked here because I can't see it, and for the red case for the Epic, for the rare case for the ray gun, you need 10, 000 bones, so the game mode you need to play for this is Hardpoint armored apocalypse; that's all you need to.

Com All right, this is just some proof of my getting and unlocking both of them right here. Unlock both of them; that's how you do it. Without further ado,

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