News - Easy" Extra Aim Assist & Tracking Warzone 2 And Warzone

Here's a look at how you guys can get the best plug-in play scripts for War Zone 3 and MW3. Currently, we have the extreme scripts tier, the ultimate aim assist tier, and the custom scripts lifetime to get everything forever. And then legendary tier for anyone that needs the one on one help all right now if you get any one of the higher tiers you'll get all the spreadsheets and scripts with it so if you get the ultimate aim assist you get scripts all that stuff same with the custom and so on and so forth now here's everything inside of the extreme scripts, anytime I go ahead and release a brand new script for MW3 or War Zone 3 it's going to be on here but it's also for all other games as well any firstperson shooter game we got you guys covered, as well as aim assist values for those firstperson shooter games right now the a assis value tier is going to be increasing in price very soon as well as the extreme scripts here so make sure you guys go ahead and sign up right now before the start of January where we will be raising the prices all right so huge shout out to the 4.5k.

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