News - Double Nuke With #1 Wsp Swarm Setup Warzone 2 (warzone 2) Wsp Swarm


I managed to drop y'all two nukes in one game using this crazy build. These are the tachs right here on the back screen if you guys do want to give him a try, but other than that, let's go and hop right into it if y'all are new. Bell You don't ever miss when I go live or upload a banger article. I hope y'all enjoyed today's game play, and I just want to say a huge shout out to all the new subscribers.

Much love for all the new subs. We just managed to break 900. Subscribers, y'all are killing it, man, on that road to 1K. Baby, let's go. Y'all are going insane, especially over on the twitch as well, man, where he just hit 2.4k. Over there on the twitch, if yall want to come over there from YouTube and check me out, be at the top and comment as I said before, but other than that.

Much love,

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