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Caller, please authenticate. Access code: black Viking, get me a secure line to asset metal 01, price. Thanks for the tip on kingfish. You should know. Uncle Sam's got a kill-capture order on your head. Tell him to join the bloody Mao's bomb maker, Vul, who is in Paris. We need to act before he bolts, and I can't make the window.

You're the only one I trust with this. I'm on it. The bastard used Fora Industries as a front to distribute the WMDs. I'm on route to their European HQ. French Special Forces have located vul G and tracked them deep behind enemy lines, but they're pinned down, and you want us to unpin them and prosecute the target as needed, but V comes back, alive, at any station.

This is Oda 59 or 5. All civilians on the move are dead, requesting Decon units and Medac 59er 5. This is Overlord's actual negative. All US forces in Paris are engaged to triage the civilians and move your team up into the plume. This area is still dirty from the chemical attack. Keep your masks on the truck, run the deck, and move.

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Roger I'll meet you with the LZ in an hour. Good luck! Metal 01 G is pinned down at the Palm Door restaurant; get there fast or we'll lose the only shot we've got at finding Marov. Roger, Wi 595 It sounds like they got hit hard by a lot of Rooks in that unit—no inter-Rook. Today, laer. Step Zero, one be advised GN is taking heavy casualties; they won't last long; you'll need to double time it to make the RV; PCH me through to them; there is sa how much longer 3 minutes out; just keep your perimeter secure; we're almost there; please just hurry; let's go this way.

GN, what's your status? Seven men were standing where the Russians launched a chemical attack from a staging ground in the catacombs. We believe V is still there. We got your six leads the way, Overlord. This is the medal 0 link-up complete. We're in route to the HVI location now, yeah. PA We got bad guys inbound; how many we got looks like Moscow down there.

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We're going to need air support, Warhammer. This is Medal 01: Request a fire mission over Roger Medal 01 established an orbit of 12, 000 feet full load. Mark your targets rounds on, open, we need to minimize our signature, one light source only understood, follow me stay close metal 01 Blue Force Tracker Drop the fix on your position in the catacombs, proceeding to a possible target location.

Roger 01 We're sending a ranger QRF to your location. Mark your route with a flag so they can locate your position. Roger You're last 01, off smells like [__]] Down here, yeah, but at least it won't kill you all. Clear, move up. Where's the rest of the GM? a chemical strike in our barracks at SATA Most of my men died within minutes.

A friend of mine was at the store. This is white folk must play for what he's done; he will, I'll see. Rapid vehicles are down. Get out come here, [__]. This is metal. 01 jackpot F secure Archer, you son of a [__] bring him in for interrogation, and we will extract any intelligence he has on the Marov truck we got.

We're on our way to copy and grab it.

COD Modern Warfare 3 | Bag and Drag [4K 60FPS PC Ultra]. Hey everyone, Shuvon Gaming here.
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