News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Ps5. 4k Hdr. Gameplay - Valuable Cargo (no Commentry)

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Kilo, this is Kilo. We were ambushed. Dina is Kia. It's Cody; they're everywhere. Commander, the missiles. They're going for the missiles. We can't let them do that, barah. I need weapons. Look for containers with the shadow Insignia; they'll have what you need to fight con. You were shipping more than just missiles; you're plenty lucky.

You're at the container. Copy, that gear gives you an edge, but there's still an army of con between you and those missiles. I will not allow CON to seal these missiles. Whatever it takes, we're going to need a contingency plan. Commander I have GPS trackers on my ship. You plant those on the missiles, and we'll never lose them.

I still need to locate the containers. Din would have known where to find them. The shipping manifest will be in the harbor master's office as an affirmative copy. Business, grab the GPS tracker's shipping manifest kilo clocks, running I'm on route to the tower, and it could still make a direct play for the missile.

GPS is our insurance policy that No retreat, no surrender, like I said. Farah, I like your style, but your ship is still Kilo. There's no way onto the ship from the ground. I'd say your con brought a sender to board. There should be some nearby. Kev Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.

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Tracker thing a damn, beauty con's coming for you. Hunter after dead ard's workers, Arakan was free of violence like this. Con brought it back to peace through strength. There, it's your fault. GPS trackers in hand are great; now get to the tower and grab that. Kilot to Shadow Con found one of our containers; they're taking it now.

Damn, it had one missile gone for good; only two were left. If the missiles are all headed to the same location, I can still track them. I hope you're right; con's coming for you. Online, stay out of sight. Con's on the Hun; they are flattening outward. Con's got serious numbers. It's valuable, Intel; yes, it is.

One of the station's last trackers on CON is leaving with both missiles. Char cup, you did what needed to be done, but make sure you do the rest. Echo how to copy loudly and clearly. Cody's pulling up sticks; they got what they wanted; we live to fight another day; it's not

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 PS5 [4K HDR] GAMEPLAY - Valuable Cargo NO COMMENTRY. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay walkthrough no commentary. Thank you for your attention.
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