News - Bought A $600 Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Interstellar Account From Mitchcactus

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This is what I got: I bought it before the season 1 update, and it had more than half the battle pass completed for me, which meant some free rewards. It didn't have any cool points, nor did it have any of the free bundles, and the operators were very plain, but there were a few that my main account didn't have unlocked.

The big bonus was that it had all the base Modern Warfare 3 weapons maxed out, but all the Modern Warfare 2 weapons were still level one. Several new Modern Warfare 3 weapons have come out since I bought the account, so they are still locked and have not been ranked up at all, which means I still have a lot of grinding to do.

The biggest bonus to this account was that it had all the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer mastery cams. Unlocking the interstellar camo before the season 1 update looked pretty good, but it barely moved at all, so when the season 1 update landed, they updated the graphics and added more animation to the Mastery camo, making them stand out much.

More sadly, none of the zombie camos were unlocked, but that was made very clear to me when I purchased the account, and they will be offering that service soon. The new animation makes the camo really stand out, and I had a blast showing it off to other players who thought I was some sort of professional.

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Since most of the Modern Warfare 3 guns were maxed out, that meant I had access to a lot of attachments, which I then used to build meta classes. You can just Google which attachments are best. Build meta classes yourself, and some of these are very broken. You can use the Armory Unlock System to get more attachments or start leveling up the Modern Warfare 2 guns to get more.

This is the class you can use if you want a quick scope sniper build, but sadly, even meta classes didn't stop me from dying over and over again since this account had slightly over 3.2 KD. This meant my first 10 to 15 games were very sweaty, but thanks to my horrible aim, I'll soon be back to my regular 80 KD.


The account came with 136 camos, which gave me a lot of options, but my favorite camo at the moment is Interstellar, it was an event camo unlocked, plus a few others that was only because there was an XP event happening at the time so it was an easy unlock for anyone, there were extra rewards earned from the battle pass but I rarely put anything except camos on my weapons, anyways, there wasn't anything exciting in the emblems but it did have a Mastery calling card unlocked plus a few others that I took a shining to, none of the calling cards for the Mastery camos were unlocked but those will be very easy to get head into view weapon.

Mastery, and you will see the requirements for each calling card. Simply apply the camo, then earn kills with the weapon, and once you get enough kills with it, the calling card will unlock. You will earn a new emblem and calling card for each camo challenge you complete. Mitch Cactus offers a whole ton of services, and one of the most expensive ones is the pre-made account, so if you're wanting one for yourself, then head over to Mitch {369}.

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For anyone on a budget, they offer much cheaper services, but if you have more money than time, the pre-made account might be what you're looking for. Simply select any option you want, and for me, I went with the $600 tier six pack, which I paid with Canadian currency. Enter the coupon code pexi if you want 5% off, and then proceed to checkout.

Just enter the required information and select your payment option. Your login information will then be given to you via email. Before using any cood service, it's always a good idea to check out the reviews, and Mitch Cactus has over a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, making them one of the most trusted cood services available.

The staff members are very friendly and explain things very clearly so that even new players can understand how it works. I received my login information less than 24 hours after purchase and was very pleased with how pleasant the whole experience was, so if you have the money to spend and no time to grind, then check out {369}

Recently purchased a 600USD Modern Warfare 3 Account and this is what I got.
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