News - Best Solo Unlimited Souls Methods. Get The Free Animated Ghoulie Camo Fast. Warzone 2 Haunting Event

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The animated ghouly camo comes out tomorrow, so in this article, I'll show you the method I use to get 1, 000 souls. If you want the nuke skin pre-made accounts or maybe some camos, then check out Mitch {318}. You can use their bot lobbies for quick camo unlocks and max out all your weapons. They even offer raid services, which include all the raid rewards.

Off, if you enjoy PVP, then lockdown quads is perfect for you since you can load into a game, kill players for souls, and just leave the game once you get the maximum amount. This exact same trick also works in resurgence and can be done very quickly. If you have AFK players in the game, you're going to want to stay on the plane until the very end so that you fall with the afkers and then just kill them for souls.

Other active players may also be doing this, so make sure to keep an eye out for them once they're all dead. You can loot to find more or just leave.

Soul method 2

Soul method 2

Game : For people who love PVE, you might want to try DMZ. Head to the butcher alter in the city, and you should see a bunch of bots. Go for a head shot, and you'll notice that the bots will drop souls more often, so just keep killing them until you have the maximum amount. It's a good idea to go in with just a throwing knife and kill a bot for its weapon.

This way, you lose nothing when you leave the game, then you can activate the ritual and kill zombies for souls if there are no bots.

Soul method 3

Collecting souls in multiplayer is slow, but it's very consistent and straightforward. Just head into a match and kill everyone until you get Max Souls. Sadly, you need to stay for the whole match, so bring along a weapon that you want to level.

Soul method 4

exhibit, there are chests on the roof and inside the building, and I normally walk away with tin souls from this one spot, but each game is random, so some of the chests won't always appear. Be sure to start looting as a human first since you don't want to die as a zombie, and loot as much as you can until the gas kills.

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