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I'll be going over all the working glitches right before season two hits, and hopefully, a lot of these will still be working when season 2 starts, which is tomorrow at 5 PM GMT. For this glitch, you will need a revive pistol, which you can find in medkits. Once in game, drop all your weapons to the ground, then activate the revive pistol.

Now open your backpack and drop the revive pistol in the weapon slot to the ground, then pick up two weapons. Then pick up another weapon and swap it with the drop-35 pistol; do this twice; then drop the revive pistol again and grab another weapon; and just continue doing this until you have all the weapons that you want in your loadout.

This can come in very handy if you want to carry a pistol, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. Drop the revive pistol in your weapon slot to the ground and pick up both of your weapons. While wielding your primary weapon, equip the revive pistol, and then pick up your weapon again to dupe it.

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You will see that you are able to keep your duplicated weapon, but the bad news is that you will have a two-hour cooldown. But there is another glitch working right now that you can use to reduce the cooldown very quickly. For this glitch, you will need to have two revive pistols in your backpack, each with a different field upgrade equipped, then drop both your weapons, drop the equipped field upgrade, then equip one of the revive pistols, activate it, and open your backpack.

will disappear when you open your backpack and go to stow the revive pistol. It will duplicate it instead; this is a great glitch to use for those who get downed a lot, and you can make plenty for your whole team. The weapon attachment glitch is also still working. This will only work with melee weapons; it will not work with a keyboard or mouse.

To apply armor, quickly press the equip button twice, and if you timed it right, you will see new attachments on your weapon. The amount of attachments you get is random for every weapon, so just experiment with different guns to find your favorite. This glitch will not work on any of the gold weapons; look at the bottom of the name tag, and if you see gold, then the glitch won't work and the weapon will just become frozen to the ground, and as I already said, this will not work with a keyboard and mouse.


For this glitch, you will need two munition boxes and a trophy system. Drop your active field upgrade to the ground and equip the trophy system. Now drop the box from your backpack, and when you use the trophy system, you will do another box. This is a great way to fill up your backpack full of stems, which can come in handy against bots or other players in a warzone.

The locked door glitch is also still working, and this one is located right here on the map that I have tapped Reload on, and this is how I like to do it: I stand at the corner, look at the locked door, and hold square, then quickly move around the corner while I press square a few more times, and I continue this pattern over and over again until it opens.

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Hopefully that explains it a little bit better than what I did the last time. This is one of my favorite buildings to loop because I usually find good items here. Just keep your eyes open for other players, and yes, you can use the mantle on any car glitch to get into any locked door. Having Airborne Mantle turned on can also make this a lot easier.

Just make sure you jump onto the car while still standing in front of the door, and you should reach through quite easily. Hopefully a lot of these glitches will still be working when season 2 drops tomorrow. It would be a good idea to subscribe right now so that you don't miss out on all the insane glitches coming out in season two.

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