News - Are We Finally Putting Away This Smg. Best Lachmann Sub Class Warzone 2 Season 6



What you're looking at on screen Here is my favorite build for the Lockman sub, and I'm just going to leave this on screen here for you. I'm going to leave the tuning up now. The short answer is no; it is absolutely still a meta-SMG. It has survived another season now. With that being said, you know I'm going to be totally out front with you on a lot of different SMGs.

You can run ISO 45, ISO 9 millimeter lockman sub, and Vasev Vel basp, all great options, but the lockman sub is still going to have an incredibly fast ttk within that 8 to 10 meter range. I hope you learned something, and as always, make sure you subscribe below for the best article loadouts.

Early game

I'm not going to load; there's not even a loadout crate.

1 smg warzone 2

I'm dead is there another one over here? I'm saying that because I already know this is going to be the game. Play this is going to be the one right here. I can feel it. I can feel it. Do I need that? No, but we'll take it just in case I get one shotgun from 72,000 me, There, I would really love to get loads out here, even though I know those people around me.

Yeah, let's grab loads. It's obviously a much better option than the one I'd rather have, and I'm going to do a article on this as well the cast 762 Why is your spelling so bad? I mean, I can't help you with that one, Samantha. You quit gaming when you did that. How do you do it? I want to know how to do it consistently.

Do you just not pull your parachute like you actually do? Vasnev is still a very good option. Yeah, not much has changed with the SMG meta, to be honest with you, which is kind of like the whole concept of the article I'm doing today, which is like we've got another season of The Lockman. The Smoke UAV is my loadout.

best secondary for vondel

Nods are going to be in again. Yeah, that's going to stink. I might have needed to buy a load out there. We can actually go get Mixie. Here, do you want to just go take the solo real quick? He's going to have to push right toward me. He's going to push right out of this. Step told you—I mean, where else is he going to push?

You know what I mean, like he's got nowhere else to go. Let's just chill. Let's just wait. I mean, we can keep going. I know let's just take the dub. Let's see where the zone poles are. Chad I almost just jumped at that to get like a self in a UI. Do I have myself? I do have myself. Do I have gas?

I don't have gas. Why did I not why did I not get like the bleed or anything? Why didn't I get a notification that he bleed that he, bled I don't want to go to the bathroom here. I don't want to go water. That's the one place we need to avoid now. I just made the mistake that I just made: I should have rotated when jailbreak was active because then if I died, it wasn't a big deal.

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