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In this article, I'll be showing you the best long-shot glasses for all nine SMGs. Each one has been tested to ensure a little recoil savings, your time, and effort when it comes to the challenges, so as you can see from their recall patterns, these classes are going to make your life so much easier, so let's get into it starting with the veil 46, First up, we got the muzzle, and it's the F-TAC Castle, which is the best muzzle on the game.

Vel46 longshot class

Next up is the schlager, the RvB, and this is going to help add some range and velocity for the underbarrel. We went with the F-TAC Ripper 56. This gave me the best recoil pattern, but often I'll choose the edge 47. Lastly, to finish off the class, we've gone with the assault 60 stock. Now I'm going to compare this recoil pattern with another zero-recall build on YouTube.

Are these genuine top search builders? I haven't just picked up any random plus, but I'll go into more detail about the differences at the end of this article.

Mx9 longshot class

The second SMG class is the MX-9, and for the muzzle we've gone with the F-Tac Castle once again, but for the barrel we've gone for the 508-millimeter rear guard. This is going to help with that bullet velocity and damage range for the stock; I've decided to go with the Bruin HCR 56, and this is going to help both recoil control and aim and stability for the last attachment; I didn't go with a grip; I went with the Brewing TS30, comb, and this is going to give you that aiming stability and recall steadiness, so once again, here's the difference between the two recoil patterns, and as you can see, one's going to be a little bit easier to use at the longer ranges.

Mp5 lachmann sub longshot class

Mp5 lachmann sub longshot class

The third SMG on our list is the Luckman sub, and of course we're using the F-type Castle; this is a no-brainer. The F-TAC M sub-12 inch is the only one that's going to give us that range and velocity, but the stock we've gone with is a mere 56 recoil, and this is going to add aiming stability and recoil control.

Our final attachment is the Phase 3 grip, which is an underbarrel, and this is going to help with the aim of idle stability and recoil stabilization. Now, let's compare the recall patterns at 12 meters.

Vanznek 9 longshot class

The fourth SMG on the list is the vasnek, and of course the muzzle is the F-TAC castle. The SA Response 3 Barrel is perfect as it adds really cool control over bullet velocity and damage range for the end of the barrel.

bas-p longshot class

We've gone for the edge 47 grip, and this is going to add aiming stability and recoil stabilization. The last attachment is the S10 stock, and this is purely going to help with that aim and stability. As you can see from this comparison, this build is going to be a lot easier for you to control than longer ranges.

Hurricane longshot class

Fifth on the list is the Hurricane, and, of course, we're using the F-TAC Castle, so no barrel is required just because the range of this gun is already too good, so the next attachment is the under barrel, and it's the Edge 47 grip for the stock; we've got the Assault 60, and there is no tune-in with this; and our final attachment is the Sakin ZX grip, which is going to help with our recoil on the larger, magnum guns.

Mag when comparing this time, you can see a massive difference between the two.

Minibak longshot class

For the mini-back, the muzzle is, as always, the F-type; there is only one barrel to choose from, so this is a nice easy decision for the stock; we went with the S10, and this helped most with that recoil pattern.

The last attachment is a magazine, and it's the grip magazine; unfortunately, you can't tune this one, of the hardest recall patterns, and especially with that larger mode, there's a clear winner with one hit in the window.

Bas-p longshot class

Moving on to number seven, it's the new BZ-P, and there's no shock to which muzzle we're using for the barrel; we're using the 12 inch, and that's because we don't want to lose that muzzle spot, but it also gives us the bullet velocity, damage, range, and recoil control for the stock; we've got the Rage 8, which is an absolute no-brainer as it's the only one that's going to help us with our recoil.

The last attachment for the BAZ P is my preferred underbarrel, and that is the Phase 3 grip. The Buzz P is another gun that doesn't have a great recoil pattern, but you'll be fine in or something like tier one next.

(p90) pdsw longshot class

(p90) pdsw longshot class

Up is the PDSW or the P90, and there's no change to the muzzle on this one as we don't want to lose the benefits of having a muzzle. We have to use the 17-inch barrel, but it's still going to give us all the benefits we need for the underbarrel.

We use the edge 47, grip, and the last attachment is going to be the Mac 8 comb, which is going to add recall steadiness, aim, and stability as well. You can see from this comparison a nice, easy-to-recall pattern to control.

Fennec longshot class

It's literally just going to be holding down the final SMG, which is the Fennec, but again, no change to the muzzle for the barrel we've gone for the longest, especially as the Fenix damage range is quite poor for the underbarrel.

We've gone with my preferred one, which is the phase three grip. The final attachment is the F-Tac X command stock, and this is going to help with our recoil control as well, as you can see from our final comparison.

My classes vs top youtubers

best class setup longshot smg

Like the others, there's going to be a massive difference when trying to control this at range, so I just want to talk about the comparisons quickly without starting any wars.

I'm not going to name any of the YouTubers, but they've been taken from top YouTubers with zero recall builds who have well over 100 followers, even a million subscribers. I haven't manipulated them in any way; they're exactly how they are in the articles now, but the builds are different because they're trying to run around the map whereas I'm trying to stand there and get long shots.

Best SMG Longshot class setup for all 9 SMG's. Included. VEL46 Longshot Class, MX9 Longshot Class, Lachmann Sub Longshot Class, Vaznek 9 Longshot Class, Minibak Longshot Class, Hurricane Longshot Class, Bas-P Longshot Class, PDSW Longshot Class and finally the Fennec Longshot Class.
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