News - Advanced Warfare Could Be Coming To Season 3 Of Warzone 2


Reload i actually think I could have had something if I didn't have to reload. I'm a little annoyed because I just recorded this whole article, and I looked over and saw my face cam recording. Okay, but my agato had only been recording for the last 18 minutes, and I'd been recording for an hour, and a lot had happened, so that kind of sucked anyway.

Welcome back to Modern Warfare 3. Earlier this week, we got season 2 reloaded. We have two new weapons. We got this one, which is the SOA subverter, which is a battle rifle, but the one I'm more interested in is this melee weapon, which is called the soul render. This is a melee weapon that actually counters riot shields, and Sledgehammer confirmed that it's supposed to counter riot shields; it is intentional.

The only other thing they added in that I was interested in was this XRK stalker. Iron Site, which kind of makes it look like the ballista from Black Ops 2 when you had IR insights on that, but as you can see, it's bugged, and it's showing as locked for me even though they've apparently fixed it and it should be unlocked now.


They also took out 10v10 and added 12v2, but I kind of want to play Bounty now. I did play Bounty earlier, and I hit a clip in it, but unfortunately I haven't got that clip because Myato decided that it didn't want to record it. Nothing special; it was just a Fullman multi-on meat, but basically, this game mode is Team Deathmatch, but whoever has the highest kills on each team is marked as a high-value target.

Now, that high-value target changes over time, so after a minute or two, say I'm high-value. Target because I've got the most kills; it'll go to the person who's got the second most kills. Also, this is new. By the way, I don't know what that is. I think they're trying to get people to not back out as much, but what I was saying is that it kind of reminds me of Team Defender from Modern Warfare 3.

Again, it's my first Earth, so I did want to talk about a few things. The first one, and this is quite a quick one, is that I wanted to talk about a collaboration that's coming up soon with Call of Duty, which is Call of Duty and Warhammer. Now I'm not an expert at Warhammer. I'm actually relatively new; I've only been into it for the past six months to a year.

The skins for the event look really good. I was not expecting to hit that. The main thing I wanted to talk about was the guns, which are apparently coming in season 3. These got leaked a few weeks ago, but I've only spoken about them on stream, really. I'll also talk about that optic a bit later on as well.

Also, these are just rumors; they're not confirmed yet. The rumors are that we've got four new weapons coming to Call of Duty. I say new because some of them are returning. I think all of them might be returning; actually, the first one is the compound bow, and I think the compound bow is from Call of Duty online.

The only thing I can find from it is that it's from Call of Duty online as an actual weapon. It's essentially an outrider, the Sparrow Bow from Black Ops 3, or it could be the combat bow kill streak from Cold War. I think it'll be similar to the crossbow from Modern Warfare 2 last year, and I'm kind of excited to see what you can do with it and if you can add something like an explosive tip or if there's a way to add penetration.

Yes, I know that sounds weird. Penetration tip The other ones that are rumored to be coming are the MP9 pistols from Modern Warfare 3. The secondary is kind of like the smaller version of the MP7; there's not really much to say about the MP9. The other two guns, which are the BAR and the MS sniper rifle, both kind of make sense because this attachment was a challenge a few weeks ago, and unfortunately I don't have it unlocked.

But you saw it earlier. If you're around in Advanced Warfare, you'll know that looks like a sight from that game. Now I am interested to see how they work with this Call of Duty, obviously not so much the batt. The batt's going to be quite simple, but the M was kind of like a rail gun-type sniper rifle.

You had one bullet in the chamber you shot, and rather than pulling the bolt back, you put a bullet into the gun, similar to how you'd reload like a Mosen or a Springfield on World at War or something like that. That's not a throw, Knife. I would laugh if it still got killed, though I feel like they're not going to keep it as that single bullet reload.

I do feel like they're going to put a MAG on it. I also want to know what variant they're going to be close to or if it's just going to be the default STS. What happened to my voice? If the rumors are true about the guns being from Advanced Warfare, I can't wait to see how they play in this game.

I'm also interested to see what maps come back, because obviously we've had a great, great spawn. By the way, I feel like they're going through the games because we had Crossfire and Countdown from C. Obviously, they couldn't really bring back any maps from Moder Warfare 2 because they already bought back 16 of them.

I don't think they're going to bring any back from the Black Ops Series, so it kind of makes sense that the next one's Advanced Warfare, but I know that's quite difficult because obviously Advanced Warfare was made for the movement, but you know Biolab Riot or something like that might work. It's nice to see some maps come back into the M player instead of just War.

I know War is multiplayer, but you know the normal rotation. I guess we'll find out when the new one comes out at the start of April. That is going to do it for me today. Just a reminder: I stream every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 p.m.

With Season 3 of MW3 being less than a month away, I thought I would talk about some weapons which were leaked a couple of weeks back and also play the new "Bounty" game mode which is very fun and kind of reminds me of Team Defender from MW3 2009.
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