News - Yes, Loadouts. But These Major Changes To Warzone 2 Also Fundamentally Change The Game

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So the other day we reviewed Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 immediately after the next event and the reveal that took place there. Having played it, I wanted to express a bit of what I was feeling through the game plan. For the most part, all my critiques I had in the moment still hold up looking back now at gameplay.

That kind of makes thinking about it a little bit more level-headed, but while things like loadout drops are removed here and that sort of identity crisis that you might think of with the warzone, experience it for better or worse, today. I haven't been home for a few days now, reviewing footage, and I wanted to dive deeper into some of the major changes.

For better or worse, we'll be seeing within Warzone 2 based upon this early build that we had access to how much will be changed and how much will stay exactly the same by the time of Warzone 2's release. Who knows, but this should serve as a much more comprehensive guide. Look at the gameplay, systems, loop, and feel for war zone 2 as we see it now so as we go along, drop your thoughts below on how you feel about any of these changes, either through the lens of the war zone experience as we know it now or as a standalone.

We're just over a month away from the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and just under two months away from the launch of War Zone 2 and DmZ, so if you'd like to join us on that road to half a million subscribers. I'd love to have you and finally check out my friends over at g-fuel, who have bumped up code espresso to 30 off your entire order in celebration of this first beta weekend.

But anyways, let's talk about these major gameplay changes we can expect to see in War Zone 2.

Warzone 2 player count (likely to change)

Warzone 2 player count (likely to change)

Before we even jumped into the game, one of the big things that I noticed here in this sort of pre-game lobby was that we were loading into matches with 102 players for trios. Now, personally, I'm hoping that's changed. I think 150 is a very nice spot for a warzone, and in the current warzone experience, I'm bummed that Caldera dropped down to 120.

I feel like the pacing just isn't quite where it should be in terms of that, so I'm dropping it down to 100. This is something that is again a little bit slower, but also, I don't know if this is going to be something that holds up or if it's just something we saw in this sort of alpha state of the game.

It's very possible it could have been reduced for a number of different reasons. was funneled into one or two different matches but instead there could have been like three or four maybe even five going on at a time so that the broadcast could always hop back and forth between something so just know that might very well be changed, and honestly, of all the things that fundamentally can be changed, that's one of the easiest ones now beyond that the map of Almazrah ends up having classic maps returning as points of interest as we've seen across the battle royale experiences.

The warzone 2 classic map points of interest (modern warfare 2 maps)

Here and there in war zones since the blackout, but Al-Mazra ends up having a quarry as the classic quarry observatory. Is dome akdar village is showdown and the airport is terminal, and there may very well be some more thrown in there, but those are the ones that were detailed in particular.

The new warzone 2 armor system explained

The new warzone 2 armor system explained

Now in the game minus a new infill sequence, the early game may look a little bit different. We have a new armor plate system here with Warzone 2 in which you actually come in with full plates and two in reserve, right off the bat, in the build we were playing in.

That might be changed, but it is something that was interesting to find out here. So no longer do you have the opportunity right out of the gate to get three, but you start with two. You have to actually pick up a satchel to do that now. There are also only three plates that can be stored at a time per bundle, but with a new inventory system, you can actually end up having multiple bundles at a time on your person .

The new warzone 2 looting system explained

But now there are new looting mechanics here as well, bringing back a bit of the slower pace of the system. Looting supply boxes no longer pop those items out. Instead, you can choose to leave items in that box if you want to, but you also have to manually go in and select what you want. This will likely make settings like contextual and tab a must have if there is something as such implemented, so you can easily breeze through these, but hopefully, if this is something that does stay as such, hopefully the UI is a bit more streamlined as well come the launch of the mode, because right now it's not that great for players.

The new warzone 2 backpack & inventory system explained

The new warzone 2 backpack & inventory system explained

Now I mentioned the inventory system here in which you have a brand new backpack that comes along with it, kind of like how we saw within Blackout, but it doesn't seem like it will be as compact, as streamlined,as In such a way, it is something that makes for interesting ways to end up looting up if you want to say, take multiple kill streaks, armor bundles, more ammo so you can sacrifice, things like, if you're not using a shotgun, you don't have to pick up shotgun ammo, instead you can use that shotgun ammo to be another lethal tactical, another ammo or armor bundle, things like that.

That allows for a bit more free play and control given to the player, which is definitely interesting. It's also going to make managing your inventory an interesting little strategy here going into the late game, so we'll see how that all plays out now. Actual mechanics again, moving around the map a little bit while slide canceling right now isn't quite the move.

cod warzone 2 gameplay

It might be something that comes back here once the mode and modern warfare 2 are fully released. We have a new mechanic that takes the place of or reinstates slide canceling.

The new warzone 2 swimming system (& limitations) explained

as of right now, swimming is another major mechanic added to movement, giving players a new way to traverse the map.

When it comes to gun fights, one of the things that was shown off in the tech demo here for Modern Warfare 2 and the campaign and the gameplay features that we saw back in June was the ability to shoot out of water, where the bullet velocities would be adjusted accordingly if you're shooting out of the water or if you're shooting into it.

However, in the Warzone 2 build that we have now, swimming is a good evasive maneuver to traverse the map, but shooting is only possible in certain conditions. It seems like primary weapons could not be fired underwater. For all of the ones that I tried, it seems like it just keeps the weapon close to your chest, as if you're in a vulnerable state, while with secondary weapons, like pistols, you could shoot underwater.

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