News - Warzone 2. 0: New "loadout" System & Other Major Gameplay Changes Explained

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Of course, this past weekend with Call of Duty, we learned a lot about MW2. Even a little bit about DmZ and, of course, plenty of Warzone 2 information was revealed as well, but recently. Call of Duty put out a new blog going even more in depth on Warzone 2 information, so today, that is exactly what we are looking at in breaking down Call of Duty next.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is an all-new Call of Duty war zone for an era of Call of Duty continues. They found a way to put "Call of Duty" four times in the title. Honestly impressive, if I do say so myself, but there's a lot of really interesting information in this blog, like I said, that is more detailed than just what we learned at the Call of Duty next reveal event, so it goes a little bit in depth into the brand new map Almazra.

Now this is a true extension of the MW2 universe. Expect Warzone 2.0 to extend the Modern Warfare 2 universe and fully leverage the most advanced tech shared for the first time across COD to deliver a seamless battle royale experience. This is a call of duty technology built for next gen. Keep in mind it's going to be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, but next gen is where they are primarily focused.

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This offers a shared experience and systems with key learnings from MW 2019, and community feedback, so initial intel swimming in aquatic combat. This is a brand new thing to Warzone in general that is going to really change up core gameplay now, of course, as we've seen throughout the Warzone 2 gameplay so far and the reveals.

It's very different from the war zone as we know it now. The water mechanics though, in the water, you know, combat is so different from what we know in war zones now, where obviously, water is one of the most deadly things on the map. Instead, you can use water-based vehicles, so there are going to be different versions of boats that you can actually use to rotate throughout the map.

Through the center of the map, there are various rivers that you can use to navigate the areas. You can also, of course, swim in the water. You can dive in it. You can wait in it. You can engage underneath, where velocity is completely different. You are limited to the weapons you can shoot. M melee still works, sometimes pistols work, but primaries don't.

cod warzone 2 gameplay changes

You're not going to be able to use it underwater. It's definitely something that can be used for serious flank routes and to your advantage to really surprise enemies. It's also something that can be your absolute demise if you get caught in the water with somebody up on the rocks. For instance, in this image, if they're up here and you're down there, you have to swim across.

I mean, that's basically a guaranteed trip to the gulag there, so it's going to have a huge, huge impact on war zone gameplay here. The vehicles are also brand new for War Zone Two, and there are a million new mechanics for this as well, while you can drive them and still do that like back in previous war zone iterations.

Now you have fuel. You have to manage. You have vehicle damage you have to manage. You can go through and refuel and repair at gas stations, but you have to be mindful of that. You can't just infinitely drive into the horizon with no repercussions. You can also now lean out of the vehicle windows and shoot and engage enemies there.

cod warzone 2 loadout

You can jump on top of vehicles and ride on the roof, like we see here in this image. You can also jump from one vehicle to another if the opportunity were to ever present itself. We've got things like the tactical vehicle, the UTV, and the light tank. The heavy chopper, the inflatable boat So far, that's just a couple of the vehicles that have been confirmed.

As mentioned, you have to repair and refuel. When you are using a vehicle, maybe outside of boats (I don't know if you can refuel those), but for land vehicles, you'd have to go through and actually enter a gas station to continue driving. If you want to actually hold on to that the entire game, it's definitely something that you're going to have to be mindful of now.

The shop, in my opinion, is the most important part of this entire blog. The way that this is working as of right now, keep in mind that this is still an alpha war zone. A lot of things could change before the launch on November 16th, but this is by far the most important, in my opinion, of the entire blog.

cod warzone 2 loadouts

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But as well as a new and impressive array of ground loot and adjustments to how to access and store them (aka the backpack system), one of the biggest innovations is the shop. These enhanced buy stations serve as locations to buy and upgrade equipment and weapons, including the custom weapons, aka, your loadouts.

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You can buy gear just like the current buy stations in war zones, so gas masks, armor streaks, all sorts of stuff like that. There's also limited equipment you can buy from the stations. They are limited in number; once purchased, they are gone from the shop. Now I don't know if this is user specific or if one person hits the buy station before you, they buy, let's say a shock charge, and then you roll up to the buy station and it's out of shock charges.

We're going to have to play around with the game to really figure that one out, but there is limited equipment. Naturally, this is what players are going to be the most interested in. Prior to the match, your main preparation is focused on creating a certain number of weapons. Those are created class slots, obviously.

But it's different this time around. You can purchase your custom weapons from the buy station. Now, keep in mind that this could change over time based on community feedback. You know, a lot of players aren't super happy with the fact that loadouts aren't a direct thing like they are in war zones now, me included, but if you want your custom weapons, you have to go to a buy station and they take the place of a full loadout.

loadout warzone 2

Your primary, your secondary, your tactical, and your lethal, as well as perks. Then you have to end up building and upgrading your weapon that you buy, so let's say you want to buy, you know, an M4, to throw on your loadout on there. You have to upgrade it to actually get all those attachments. Custom weapons are constructed by the gunsmith and then bought here.

They take up your weapon slots. Perks like tactical and lethal are very common in ground loot and perks. They are not going to be available in Warzone 2 at launch, so we're not going to have ghosts, double time slots,etc. All the stuff like that last stand, for instance, is a tier three or tier four perk, whatever you want to refer to that as, that you earn over time in multiplayer.

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