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Ladies and gentlemen, The first weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta has concluded. It is over, and we now await the next two days. After that, the beta is back on for another weekend. They're going to be raising the level cap, adding more weapons and things along those lines, and I look forward to playing it more.

I'm going to say something now that I never expected to say about the third person mode, actually. It's pretty fun. I never thought I would say that about Call of Duty, but I really enjoyed playing it and I think it's fun. I don't think it's going to be the main thing I play in the game, but it's a fun little break from normal.

Call of Duty I never thought I would say that, but that's not what this article is about. This article is about War Zone 2 because, with the beta weekend coming to an end, I thought that this was a good time to kind of sit there and give you my opinion on what we saw with War Zone. I have to start this by saying, personally, I haven't played Warzone Two.

I was invited out to the vent. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it out there. I have seen a lot of gameplay. I have looked at a lot of other people's opinions and I have a lot to say on the topic because with a lot of people saying that this is bad, this is good, we need to fix this, we need to fix that.


I don't actually think that is necessarily the problem with Warzone 2. I think, like the title of this article. I think the problem with Warzone 2 is that it has an identity crisis, and that's what I'm going to try to explain throughout this article and kind of get across my points; the good things and the bad things about what they've added and what they've changed, but let me first hop into some gameplay and explain what I'm saying.

So first of all, again, I haven't played the game. This is E, Coli Espresso's gameplay. Go tell him I said thanks for letting me use the gameplay, so on and so forth. Now with this game coming out, I think what we are seeing is that Infinity Ward wanted to make something new with War Zone 2. They didn't want to just re-release Warzone with a new map and a little bit of changes here or there to the gameplay; they wanted something to feel new and different, which I actually do think is needed for Warzone 2.

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That line is very hard to draw because you want it to feel like a different game, but at the same time you still want it to feel like Warzone, and that I think is the line that they are having trouble finding, and finding that identity crisis is what they have done instead, and I think there are many reasons for that, and that is what we are going to touch on in this article.

So there are three things that I think they have done very, very well with Warzone 2.0, and I'll go over those very quickly. The new map looks fantastic. It looks good, it feels like it plays well, basically. Nailed i'm all for that. The new vehicle mechanics are fantastic. I like that you can shoot out vehicles.

You can go out the window and shoot out of it. You can fix them. You can repair them. You can refuel them all. Big thumbs up in my books. I like the addition of that. The last one, and the one that I think will be a little bit more divisive, is no perks. I like that there are no perks. You can't get them through your loadouts or things like that.

2 this isnt good

The reason why I like that is because there are some pretty cheesy perks. Like, ghosts are annoying serpentines. You know, all of the perks that are annoying, with them being removed or maybe being added into the loot pool, it adds a little bit more randomization, and not every game everyone's going to be running ghost.

That is a big thumbs up in my book. I think that is a good thing now. The problem with low notes, don't worry, we will touch on that. I think all of those things are good now. Thumbs Up and Good additions and changes to the game now. Let's get into the nitty-gritty. Let's get into the stuff that is really controversial and people don't like.

2.0 has an identity crisis

We're going to start out with a big one like that, which is, of course, loadouts. The first thing is that low notes are not viable. You can't go to a buy station and buy a loadout, throw it down, get your loadout, get your purse, get your weapons, get your attachments. That is not doable. It kind of explains why some of the stuff was the way that it was because it seemed a little bit broken, didn't play properly, and essentially made no sense because once people actually went to the buy stations, some of these weapons that you could buy were like twelve thousand dollars in the game, which is insane because when you buy a weapon, your whole team doesn't get it, you get it, which means for your whole team to buy two different weapons.

you're looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars, or at least around there, which is just not feasible in a normal game of war zone, especially with the loot that we saw there was very little money to be found, so to me that just simply didn't make any sense, and I think there's a reason why they're switching this, and I'm going to say something that is going to be the most controversial thing I say throughout this whole article.

2.0 review

I'm okay with there not being loadouts. I know nobody is saying that, but I think the system that they are trying to implement where you can loot a loadout or you can go to a buy station and buy your weapons with attachments on them because they did say that is going to be in the game where you can equip your weapons with a bunch of attachments that just wasn't in the build of the game that they're playing.

I'm okay with that. That's actually a good change in my books to get through perks and things like that. It just really, really has to be refined. There's no way weapons can cost that much, especially if you're just buying them for yourself. Because if you solo queue into quads, there's no reason to share your money.

There's no reason to buy people back. People are just going to want to buy their weapons. There needs to be an implementation where you can buy a weapon for your whole team. They can go to something and just pick out a weapon. I would be okay if you had loadout drops there, but when you dropped it, you only got a weapon.

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I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that changeup. I don't think your loadout needs to be what you buy. I'm okay with looting tactical grenades and lethal grenades with looting perks. But you need to buy weapons, and they can't be as expensive as they are, and the reason for that is that's one of the differentiating factors between Warzone and any other game because, in multiplayer.

Today we take a deep dive into the all new Call of Duty Warzone 2. 0 gameplay. I believe that warzone 2 has an identity crisis and it is not good. In this video i review the warzone gameplay and discuss what needs to change.
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