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al mazrah

The brand new map for Warzone 2 was revealed with Call of Duty Next. It's called All Mazra, and it looks absolutely insane. We are on the call of duty blog and we've got a spicy one here. We've got images of all these different locations with details on them as well. So we're going to go through and break all of this down.

This obviously is the general overview, so we have all these different locations, and you might notice that quite a few of these are actually from the leak that we saw. The leak that broke down the map and sort of had a mock image of it basically. 100, accurate This map is definitely very similar to that, so they got that right and we got all the locations basically that we've heard of before: oasis village, oil quarry, which of course is mw2's, quarry hydroelectric, the main city, which is Almazrah city, we got marshlands, sharim pass observatory, caves, port zaid, akdar village.

al mazrah gameplay

I might be mispronouncing that cemetery. We shouldn't have to drop that player count ever again like we did with modern warfare and warzone, where obviously it's only 120, so nice fast-paced, high action, it's going to be a ton of fun, so our intel on Almazra. Located in western Asia, the Republic of Adal defines just a small part of the original cradle of civilization, and unfortunately, modern state lines are being drawn to control its gifts to the world.

So we get our first image here. Obviously, it is very desert themed. There are a lot of rocks here and a lot of desert-type areas. So there's not a ton of green, grass, and, you know, lush hills like we've seen on previous maps, but I think the diversity on this map is way better than what we've seen before.

We do have places like this oasis here, which has several pools of fresh water and palm trees that offer respite from the desert beyond. Note the ancient ruins. This area was once, you know, a means of life. So in the oasis area, a little bit more grass, there is some water which you'll be able to actually interact with.

al mazrah warzone

You can go and step in the water without instantly dying like back on Verdansk, you know, so that'll be nice and fun. Tairaq village here is a little bit more established, so we've got some verticality. As you can see in the distance, it's gonna get real spicy too, but obviously we have some open areas here at the basketball court, some towers you can climb with the ladders there, a little bit of verticality, surrounding the other areas, and you know, rotating in here late game with one of the three different zones, because that's a thing that could be pretty interesting.

The United Defense reduced this one's powerful village to a mirror of rust and rubble. The tight confines of these areas make them conducive to small-squad combat, especially duels. We got the oil area, which is again pretty established, and this looks very black and white-esque but also a little bit like a power plant, almost like a caldera as well.


I get sort of a combination vibe there. One of the largest employers in the region, this oil field refinery is positioned strategically near some of the world's oldest petroleum derricks, with the living quarters to the north and south of this otherwise sprawling factory, so there's going to be various different areas you can loot here and, obviously, there's a lot of cover here to rotate in and out of as you're going through.

We are on the road to 1 million. G fuel My code, immortal, is 30% off your entire order. It's the best time to stock up if you plan on grinding out the beta either this weekend or next weekend. But yeah, the oil field is definitely looking pretty interesting. I imagine you probably can't get all the way up on top of the smoke stacks here, but some verticality here and there and, like I said, a lot of cover, then we've got quarry, which is essentially.

Quarry from MW2. Massive depots of limestone make the quarry one of the largest industrial areas in Almazra, with nearly a dozen warehouses, so it's more established than Corey from MW2. But it's going to be a similar layout to what we had back then. This is the point of interest that I'm probably the most intrigued with.

cod warzone

In the city where high-rises lie and apparently the helicopter that sits in high-rises, you can actually go in and interact with and use high-rises, and modern buildings are at the core of the largest point of interest in Al-Mazra. It was planned to be the ideal city. It soon welcomed nearly a million people who were pushed out of the slums onto the outskirts, so it's more like lower descriptions of these, but obviously the images themselves give us a decent amount of information.

Very open with a lot of water here that you can probably swim through and rotate in the actual sort of riverbed here itself, or you could take the roads, which are a little bit more exposed, to some of these high-rise areas. Hopefully, we'll get zip lines and other stuff that we can use to get on top of buildings like this, and it's not like for Donald Square, where it's running up 25 flights of stairs to get a shotgun.

cod warzone 2

You know what I'm saying? We also have hydroelectricity and a scrap yard, which is actually at the center of this. MW2019. There is a lot of water around here as well that you will be able to interact with, swim through, and wade through. We've got the marshlands, which is kind of low ground. There's going to be a lot of water around these areas too, so that's something you're going to have to be very mindful of at all times.

Next up, we've got caves, which I think was leaked to partially be Afghan from this image itself. There's also some, I guess, pipelines running across, but then you have the low ground here with the water again. You might be able to actually use some boat vehicles in this area. It looks like there's a dock there, potentially for that spawn.

Then an interior with the caves over there as well. A deep network of underground hideouts lies in plain sight of a small village. So yeah, there are definitely going to be a lot of little flank routes and sneaky routes to utilize there. We've got an observatory, which is one of the more centralized.

cod warzone 2 al mazrah

This location is here atop the tallest mountains, so it's going to be very vertical and have good sight lines all across for snipers. This is going to be a prime drop spot, I imagine. There are several dome structures, including a destroyed one, to help the region chart out the stars. Hopefully, you won't be like a peak-esque location that's just so vertical and dominant that it becomes annoying.

We'll have to wait and see if we get all the shrimp through again. It seems like there's a lot of verticality in this one. You can see the observatory in the background. Here, we've got some low-ground buildings and some streets, obviously, but then it goes up this small little hill where it's a little bit more established with some buildings.

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