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We welcome Jack O'Hara, game director at Infinity Ward. We're having a party here. I mean, this is a lot. Warzone 2.0 Stephanie The world cannot wait. It feels crazy for me to be up here revealing warzone 2.0. And um, the universe for Modern Warfare 2 and that's going to create a really streamlined player experience and, uh.

I think the key innovations that we discussed for multiplayer all exist across War Zone 2.0 as well, so we're bringing it back. It's all connected. It's the same world, and I think the players are going to love it. My God, I'm really excited about this one again. There's a lot in this one, Jack.

Where do we go from here? MW2 wasn't developed side by side since the beginning, right since we started down this road and then part of the same universe. But, the centerpiece of all this, of course, is the new map that we've been working on since 2020 with teams across the globe. It brings together our philosophies on map design and technologies in order to do my they're going to talk about DMC here too, holy shit, and we've learned so much from players experiencing Verdansk and playing in Verdansko in the first few years of Warzone, and we're really excited for them to land in Al-Mazra with their squad.

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Here we go, a brand new map to explore and traverse. I cannot wait. Stephanie Let's take a look. With a mix of industrial areas, towns, a city and, of course, water, it looks way better on this screen than it did on Twitter. But, you're going to find a lot of really cool elevations in Rocky Peaks Cave Subterranean Spaces.

This map is beautiful and it's actually where we are dropping the boys. I'm so excited for all of our streamers! Today it's huge. Look at the size of that thing. Okay, so that was a big picture, and it's a great way to see it from a sort of top-down layout, but let's take a better look at some of these points of interest.

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So when we set out to create these spaces, there's infrastructure in between all of the different what we call points of interest along the map, and if you're paying attention, you might even see a few that seem pretty familiar out there as well, and so as the team works through these, they're trying to find some variety in each point of interest to make them something that the players will want to drop in and get the particularity of that single kind of interest and find the place that they want to draw and where they want to play.

Whether it be the Ohio Elevation Observatory, at the center of the map, or whether it be the Show Me Airport, that's all I need to know whether they want to explore that or whether they want to work in some of our POS where we have. I think they're going to drop by Observatory just to go back to their home.

They're coming home. It's always nice when you're moving through the map and you kind of hit a spot and you're like, Wait a minute. I've been here sick about these flashbacks. I think people will land around the edge of this thing. We'll see an airport, baby. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to watch our streams here drop in early in an alpha build later on today.


Okay, so moving on to the gameplay, we've got this beautiful space to play in. How do all of these multiplayer elements, which we've talked about a little bit earlier, fit into Warzone 2.0? I mean, that super simple answer is all the stuff we talked about and multiplayer. The stuff you saw in the multiplayer trailer is all in Warzone right now.

It's all integrated. So the tactical camera It works in Warzone, and that Decoy mine works in lawyers, like it's all that's been built from the ground up for both. It's a dive into the water, those water mechanics. This is a great taste of some of the water combat. I can't wait to go full. Captain Miller, you know.

Apocalypse Now coming out of the water knifeing people, I mean, this just looks wrong. Yeah, the rendering team did some work, so this is the audio. I have no idea, but it sounds great and it looks incredible. You can see the armored patrol boat coming by there with its two turrets. So it's some cool stuff, so I'm glad you brought vehicles, so have you touched on vehicles a little bit earlier?


What can we talk about? We've seen boats, we've seen tanks, we've seen all sorts of tracks, so we've implemented a new physics and handling model for the vehicles, so some vehicles are heavier, some will slide more, have more traction or less traction, and, as you're driving them around and you're encountering them and other squads are playing with them, you can choose to shoot off the tires to kind of improve the handling.

That's a cool feature. You can have them react to explosives differently based on their weight, so if you're in a heavy armored 4x4 and get hit by an RPG, it's going to kind of bounce a little bit but not quite take the hit as a small sedan. You can also choose with your squad to be rolling into a POI and somebody jumps out on the roof, somebody leans out the window, and suddenly you get yourself a lot of firepower driving into the POI.

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Of course, that vehicle needs to survive for quite some time on the map if you want to keep using it to go from point to point. And vehicles will run out of gas, or at least most of them will run out of gas, and then you can bring them to a gas station to fill them up. If your tire has been blown up, you can get out and repair it, or you can bring it to a gas station.

It sounds like they're making it more hardcore battle reality, which, you know what I think is, we've got a small boat. We've got the boat that Joe mentioned with the turret. The turret is at the back, so you can have that little moment cruising up the river with your whole squad ready to rumble.

So yeah, there is so much love that's gone into these people. They've got the coolest vehicle, the coolest vehicle, a massive helicopter that you can fly around in. It's a big platform with three doors, and people can move a whole squad through the map. What wreaks havoc? It is so cool, and the fact that you can lean out of the window, you know, yeah, grab your teammates.

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Pile in a vehicle and actually, you know, engage. From the window, leaning out shoes, somebody blew off your door, so you can get PTSD from Joe killing me many times in our play test. Well, I hope the gas prices in our Mazda Okay, I thought there was a lot going on, but it wasn't 2.0 and my head is quite frankly spinning.

What are the massive changes we have in store? because it feels like so much has changed. Is it still a gulag? Do we still have circles? Is there still gas? I know there are guns, but do we shoot them? What's happening what do you want to jump into first? We've made some pretty sweeping changes.

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