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alucard mw

Ages, you cannot kill me, yes.

Voice lines

Voice lines

I haven't had this much fun in ages. You make a great vampire. You're beginning to bore me. Let's cut to the chest. Chase ability restrictions are lifted until all enemies are silent. I won't be killed by anyone's lap dog. I need blood. Come on, pull yourself together.

Eternity is wasted on the likes of you. I'm down i need blood. Now you are very amusing. I'm down but how do I need your blood? You've never faced a monster like me. I smell their blood from here. Well, why thank you? Do you want to come with me? I applaud your skills. You dare disturb my sleep for this nothing but a useless sniveling lump of meat.

I just need to taste your blood. Now it's time to play. You paid with your life. Now I send you to a purgatory of eternal pain. Shooting me isn't going to do you any good. Something stirs this way and squeals like a pig. They bored me, so I killed them. Lucky for you, I awoke from my slumber.

You're pathetic, not today's death. I'm pleased with your efforts, Rise.,.

Showcasing the Tracer Pack Hellsing Operator Bundle for Season 6 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Features. Alucard Operator Skin. Hellsing Arms PDSW 528 Submachine Gun.
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