News - The First Ever Win On Warzone 2. It Looks Amazing


But it's fire, though it looks like it looks dope. I always like it because it's kind of like it's kind of like verdance but there's not like a bunch of high buildings. That's what I liked about it. There's a lot of close-quarter action fights, but there's no like huge buildings that only have like one way up.

There's loot on the ground and in crates. Um, yeah, but the loot is like, it's like realistic, so you walk around and there'll be some stuff on the ground, but most of the stuff is like on shelves or like on tables. There we go. Yeah. I kind of saw that and then like you can go into like shops and there'll be like registers and you can pull the money out of the registers and stuff like that, so I want to see what that looks like.

Yeah, it looks a little bit different than Warzone, which I wasn't really expecting. Let's go, let's go by spixy It looks like a war zone, but at the same time, it doesn't look like Battlefield to me it looks like it looks like what Battlefield should have been. I mean, this looks exactly like Battlefield.

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Honestly, it's got three zones, it's just that Battlefield doesn't have like the good movies. Yeah, we're on the edge of one right now. Yeah, we'll kill him. So when you kill somebody, how does that look? It's out of a bag. You have what you have here. Whatever is on your body pops out. Damn Nick it's going to be, I don't know if they're going to change that, but it's kind of like, no, it's not like the same thing.

So, you can have like that, you got an extra field upgrade, you can have extra tacticals, we have extra ammo. Yo yo, so what's going on with this stuff in the top right corner? I see a spectator screen kill, and then there's like two different sets of things. I think, what about that building moving this way?

I think that the zone has three zones. I think that it left me. I don't know, but then it has player icons, no way so it knows that's how many squadrons are left, that's how many players are left, and then there's kill squads, 20-40 players, zero spectators, but now what about the numbers under? There's a three and a seven.

cod 2 map

No, it's a gas book. Actually, it looks like it is sand, so that leak was true. So the gas is like sand. Now that makes sense. What they should have done is in the plane there was like. I don't know if they did this, but it'd be cool if like when you're in the gas you can't see anything, like the sandstorm like blurs your vision.

Okay, so you can't really camp in the gas. They do that because they have to make it two ways so you can't see in or out. That's what a war zone is. I hate Warzone right now. If you're going to guess you can't see out of it, I haven't said how about it camping on the roof. So how are they supposed to rotate the zones into the next one?

So like, it's three zones and then it's gonna show you where it shows you where the it's gonna merge and then the zones merge into that one area. Yeah, that's why I asked. You can't just rotate to the next to go to your next fight, you have to wait till the zone closes up. I mean, you don't really kill races, though I don't see why it matters.

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I'm just saying that for people who do that, like, gameplay wise, to make it different. I like it, but maybe that should speed it up. Yeah, because that's what they were complaining about, that the circle time is way too long, because now it makes sense when they're camping because they literally can't do anything.

You know, that's going to be boring, honestly, and when you get gunfights, imagine you're on a burner and then you get stuck in one zone. Can you think you might be able to cross the gas? You think you can cross with a vehicle? gas mask Yeah, it might be possible. Never mind, the vehicles get gas.

really great time. So you can't drive them forever. They ran out of gas. But you can stop by a gas station and fill them back up. Is that like an animation? Yeah, I have no idea. I didn't see anyone do it while driving in the car because when you're driving the car, you can see the gas gauge depleting when you're driving, and then like the heartbeat, the heartbeat sensor has a battery when you use it.

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Yeah, you just keep using it because of the batteries. The lochman something, yeah, there's gonna be a lot of people getting stained because they can't use basic guns, like you know, how difficult it is to use this gun that he has on a VR 20 bullets iron sights no recall control. If you want to shoot long range, you literally have to tap fire.

Yeah, I actually like that. I hate that mechanic right there. When you open the crate, you have to individually scroll through the crate and pick what you want. It doesn't just all pop out. I think there was a game that had something like that, but it's a lot faster. I'm pretty sure it's like a popular BR that does that.

Go ahead and take it like he has to lose. Because at one point in time, it was like a scroll wheel that you literally had to scroll across, and then they changed it to how it looks now right here. I think it'll get me if I prove somehow, but I like this map. This map looks great. I don't understand this.

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I mean, what about the Resurgence crates, or some other great ones, right? The ones that when you open them after a certain amount of time, they close back up and they have them. It's like, it's like armor plates and stuff like that. I don't know why they don't have anything like that. He's looking He's looking I mean, I'm sure they'll have all of that, but it's just like, they literally made a whole new BR from damn near scratch.

You play too well. You remember, you remember when Warzone was first getting leaked, like before it actually came out and they were talking about how to find first aid supplies. You had to go to, like, the first eight kits that were scattered around the map. This, I feel like the first leaks, it sounds more like this than what Warzone actually was.

To be honest, I don't remember that. They were talking about how, to find, like, healing items, you had to go to, like, first aid kits. This man is like, he's a pro, are you, you know, a pro player, and this man is shooting like a Randy right now. This guy's going above and beyond. You might honestly be able to't wait for this to come out.

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The skill gab is going to be crazy. Look at that. Look how much bounce it has got. These guns in this game feel like they have It's something that I have more recoil from. Yes, it's more like a visual kick, like you feel like the visual of it is like kicking more. Yeah, pretty much. It's like using a basic, like going straight from creative class.

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