News - Reacting To My First Warzone 2 Win & Thoughts On Warzone 2 Problems


I'm going to be reacting to my first war zone win and also give what I did like about War Zone 2 and what I didn't like about War Zone 2. Ado let's get into it. Okay, I'll talk about the map first. The map is very good. It starts off a lot better than Caldera, with a lot of different colors and a lot of different landing spots.

It is the biggest map we've ever seen, bigger than Verdon Square and Caldera combined. There's no pistol when flying in. I'm not really that. I don't really hate that much. Also, as you saw right there, I pretty much landed on a building without a gun or anything. I picked up a gun, and there's already an AI in the building.

The AI and what you'll notice from a lot of the like, going into any building in Warzone 2 right now. I'm sure they'll change it by the time the game drops, but going into any building right now, there's pretty much guaranteed to be an AI, and if there's not, somebody's probably already killed it and the loot is on the ground, like picking up a backpack.


I got this kill on this guy. The time to kill seems very fast. I'm pretty sure that guy had full plates, and I just hit him like two or three times. Yeah, he had two full plates and he had, I think, two hits right here. Or two or three hit him, it's just like an insta kill. Yeah, you only start with two plates, so you have to pick up a three-plate satchel, which they call it "to go." You have to carry three plates.

It's kind of like the armor system in Blackout, where you know you have tier three armor, you get extra health. It's kind of like that with the three-plate armor satchel, which I don't hate, but I don't love it either. It just makes it kind of random if somebody lands on the three plates, if they're going to have more help than you or not.

And then we expect any application right here in the gulag now. I only got to play on the good log once, and from playing in it you start with the pistol and you kind of have to loot like you do in Warzone. You have to loot a shotgun, you have to loot an AR, and stuff, and it was kind of hard to do because they had bots in the gulag.


It was also kind of hard to separate the bots from the actual players in the gulag, which I hope they change. I think I remember shooting the bot. I shot the bot like three times. I think it might happen later in this article, but yeah, the gulag wasn't that big of a deal. Yeah, as you see here, looting the boxes, so every time you loot a box you have to look inside the box.

I think it's kind of like what Blackout did with the death boxes. In Blackout, we had to like, go through the box and search for what you wanted or not. I'm not really that big of a fan. Sure, it'll get faster as the game goes on, but I'm not really a big fan of that. I won't lie though, the audio was very good.

I can't really complain much about the audio. It's a lot better than what it was at the start of Caldera, so I'm kind of glad they fixed the audio. As you see, when you kill that guy, the loot is kind of like a puzzle that just lines up. It's just not as smooth as you would like it to be. We're going over here to another POI gas split now.

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I personally don't mind the gas zones. And the time to kill it does the time to kill does seem a lot faster than I know. I know they've increased the time to kill, but it did seem very fast in this Alpha. The flashes from the grenades were unbelievably strong. The stun from the flash grenades was so strong.

I'll pause it back to this frame to see how when you kill him, all their loot is kind of on top of each other, and, multiple times in the past, there was a match where all the loot would spawn on top of each other and you couldn't pick up a certain item. It would either be glitched, which I'm sure they'll fix, where you couldn't just pick it up, but I feel like the ammo and the money should just be there, and you'll get the backpack, so you can pick it up.

You have to pick up a backpack so you can pick up extra stuff, and I absolutely killed that guy. Another thing with the time to kill. I mean, this is a single-fire gun. This is kind of like the fal , but he uses 762 ammo. But I mean, I pretty much insta-killed him. I mean, I don't really have a problem with the time to kill yet because we haven't really tested it out.

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This was like against pros and content creators, so it'll be interesting to see how it translates to like public matches. The buy station needs a total rework. The buying stations are pretty terrible. Yeah, so this is a screenshot from Jayga. This is pretty much the buy station, so there's like three things you can buy plates for, and like stuff that helps you out, munitions boxes, you can buy things like grenades, and then you can also buy kill streaks and stuff from the buy station.

Then it also has where you buy your custom weapon slots and I'm sure they'll fix it by the time the game comes out, but right now it says M4's 4000 marks and rifles 13, 000. This lmg is 14, 000. They were just way too expensive to buy in the beta for the war zone beta that we played in, and the UI was kind of difficult to understand because when you bought a plate it was only bought one plate at a time, so it was a little bit difficult to understand, so I'd like to see them rework the UI on the buy station a little bit.

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But another thing is that it doesn't show in this article, but when you pop a UAV, the Bots pop up on the UAV. I'd like them to take that out. I mean, I know they made it so that the Bots, you know, have a pretty good like the Bots can kill you if you don't deal with them. I mean, I don't know, it's kind of hard for me to say, but I would love to see the AI tone down because it was ridiculous.

At one point, there were like 16 different buildings, and every building had one or two bots in it. It was pretty crazy. Okay, so I just got spit out of the gulag. It happened like twice because everyone was, you know, playing extra cautious, so not a lot of people were dying of regain. I'm not sure if it was harder because we were in the lobby with the pros and content creators, which it probably was, but there just wasn't a lot of loot at the end of the game.

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As you see, our land is like the Bertha of the War Zone 2 Beta. And I've gone over here for a crown so I can get my teammates up while the triple zones go in and it's got the four-minute timer and. Of course there's a bot in the building. This is actually pretty cool. I've liked this a lot, so this is the gas station that refuels and repairs your car.

I never I don't think I ever got shot at while repairing, but I'm interested to see, you know, if you were getting shot at while you're at the gas station, if it would repair while you get shot out, because it would kind of make the berthas pretty op. When you open the chest, you get a Pila three-armor plate vest brag.

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