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Well, you might want to hold on to your controllers and some of you that have foot pedals might want to keep your foot on the pedal because there are a lot of people mad we got the toxic gamer topic ryzen because people are saying Warzone 2 is getting blasted by players. And I want to talk about Modern Warfare 2 now, my initial impressions.

So far, it's actually been good so far. I know, I know, I understand. People would be saying that you're watching two, and model r52 is basically the same game. How can you actually say that it's a new game with the power of blocker? I gotta i gotta say this man. I'm actually enjoying the game for at least no am i gonna be enjoying the game a week from now, a month from now, quite frankly I don't know the answer to that, but for now I'm enjoying the gunplay.

I think the movement system is, quite frankly, very good. I've seen some of your comments and you guys are like, "Yes, because I like it." The movement system is quite stiff and I can see where you're coming from, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. I gotta say, maybe you have to go. Maybe you're too old for the show, or maybe not.


You know, you just do not have a shake-shake mechanism. The mass part is where I'm a little bit skeptical and, quite frankly, a lot of people are talking about the maps because the map design has been kind of poo-poo. We got the colors. We got a lot of people saying that was on two is getting blasted by players.

What happened, ladies and gentlemen? I want to dive into this article. I want my beliefs to be challenged. I want this article to change my mind. I want to see the opposing argument more in zone 2.0. Thumbs up subscribe if you're new to never slend as well as the fact that the people that have played the game already are pretty torn as to whether or not it's even good.

That's pretty mind-blowing. First and foremost, here is going to be the brand new map. The infinity board claims it's the biggest map they've ever done, bigger than caldera, bigger than for dance. I beg to differ. Shit up Warzone Dance is going to be returning to Warzone Mobile, and then Caldera is going to be the default map for the original War Zone.


We have Warzone 1.0 and then we have this brand new map here for Warzone 2.0. I know, things are getting a little bit confusing. The map itself looks beautiful in all respects. It looks beautiful, and I gotta tell you, I marked it out and I saw it during Call of Duty. All the throwback locations that they have here are like what they did with Blackout back in the day.

To be fair, they did the same thing with Warzone Blackout, or, Warzone I would go with the blackout one, but it's so cool to see places like Terminal. We know High Rise is going to be so cool to see even lesser known places like Showdown from Call of Duty 4. For crying out loud, get the dome from Modern Warfare 3.

It's really cool. The map looks beautiful, but with it being the biggest map ever, most people are saying it's really slow because in some of the matches you only had 60 to 80 people, and we have 60 to 80 people on a gigantic map where the circles are different now. And this is where this is a massive moment and I just don't understand the mindset behind activation.

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It feels like they have been drinking prawn juice, which they have been. They are doing helicopters with their release, allegedly. I'm assuming they are still doing that, but the thing here is that what's really funny to me here is that we heard that Warzone Mobile is not going to have AI bots. But Warzone 2 on the console will actually have it.

I just don't understand. Well, things get a little bit slower and a little bit odd. It doesn't have the same pacing that you're kind of used to if you played the original Warzone. Speaking of those new circles, here's an example as well. To actually show during Call of Duty next, instead of having just like one normal circle, we now have like several circles that move around.


Initially, when I saw this. I was like, "This is a good change." This might be a lot more sweaty, "but then after putting two and two together, you surely do not get a four, you get a five." In a way, just like thinking about it, having three circles would make it less sweaty, so in a way it's kind of good, but from the gameplay that we've seen and from what people are talking about, looking at the map, there aren't many people.

It's a big myth. Maybe having two circles would have been a good thing for a war zone. We've got three different circles, people are not seeing other people around them, and it's making it a lot more slow-paced and people are actually like, okay, they collapse into one final circle, but there are different circles and you'll be like the winner of that circle and you move towards the next one.

It looks a little bit confusing. I'm not going to lie, it can definitely take a little bit of getting used to, and the big consensus from what I'm reading on twitter and I've watched some is A lot of what I've been reading is that people consider War Zone 2.0 to be a step backwards from the original, so boom.


As Warzone has developed, going back from Unwarfare 2019 through Black Ops Cold War and into Vanguard, they've updated the game quite a bit, and they've added a lot of quality of life improvements, but really none of them seem to be in War Zone 2, and the explanation that people are coming up with is that more Zone 2 has been created all these years in the background.

As a result, they didn't really have all those other changes. Those other implementations, from war zone 1 those weren't part of War Zone 2 because they were building up. I mean, that's an excellent point, and I see where people are coming from. I see why Nevro is bringing that up, and this constantly happens.

It's like every time a new game comes out, you know, people are like, "Oh, that looks good today." Okay. I want this to be changed. In the course of a few months, maybe a year or two, in this case. I would say two years. Warzone One was kind of perfected. But then they came up with "Caldera," and people liked the name.

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I'm going back to the old naps, and surely if you say that if you point your fingers, they're going to label you as a toxic gamer. That's what they're going to say. You say one thing, you could say like ten nice things about it, but the second you say one bad thing, they're just going to label you as a toxic gamer.

That's how it works. Freedom of speech is dead. They just want to call you a toxic gamer, and it always happens. It happens like the fact that I said I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2. But I see that I see the point here. I do feel like Warzone 2, which can not fail. The reason being, this is going to be their cash cow.

People HATING Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Gameplay. Call of Duty MW2 PS4, PS5 Xbox.
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