News - Onexgpu Rayneo Air 2 Glasses Call Of Duty Warzone Testing With Legion Go

120hz glasses

So this week I picked up the Neo Air 2s; they're 1080p 120 HZ glasses. Of course, the legion go can do 1080p performance, and of course the 1X GPU is absolutely crushing with 108p. Performance: There's a USB C cord coming out of the back of the glasses right on the right-hand side here, and that's going into the bottom port of the Legion Go, so because the Legion Go has two Thunderbolt ports.

I figured that would be the best way to run this, especially if I don't. I don't have an adapter right now to flip it to HDMI, and I have one on the way, but it's not here yet, so this is the best way to do it, and it really doesn't matter if it runs through the legion go or 1X at this point because it's just 1080p performance; it's not like we're pushing 1440p in these glasses, so I'm recording this whole thing in these glasses, and we'll see how it goes through my.

Experience, these are the settings that I'm going to use; see, the smart glasses are set up at the top; there just so I can get a little bit more. FPS i'm going to run this to balance GE up fast we're about to get. Redeploying, so that was an interesting experience with the rainy air 2s. You can see on the back here that's the USBC port that was hanging in the back of my ear, and with the headphones on.


I'd say that it's not really that comfortable because it puts a lot of tension on your head, but they are pretty. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. If you haven't already subscribed, think about subscribing. Thanks, everybody that's it for today. Take care until the next one.

Testing XR Glasses with the ONEXGPU and the Legion Go. The Rayneo Air 2's have a resolution of 1080p with 60hz and 120hz options. The gamplay is being captured through OBS on the Legion Go and it's hogging a chunk of VRAM and flickering the recording that would otherwise be boosting my FPS in game. That being said, everything still looks good through the glasses.
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