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Intro movement mechanics

Intro movement mechanics

no more slight pencil in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. As you can see here, sliding is possible, but there's just no way to actually abort it. That movement mechanic is gone, but we have other stuff. I'm here to present to you what Modern Warfare 2 has to offer. Just test it live at the connect event.

You do, as you can see, try to cancel things. You can also jump after the slide problem. If you jump and then actually press a slight button after jumping, then you'll do that kind of minimal slide after.

Dolphin dive

So if you're actually dolphin diving, you can get way further, especially down the stairs.

See, that's a normal slide that doesn't get really far, so the dolphin dive is not actually an aggressive tool, more or less, because you can't shoot while your dolphin dies, but what you can do is use it to bridge the distance to a wall. You can jump with it behind an obstacle so your opponent can't get to you.

You can jump through a door while someone is shooting you in the back to get out of the field of view, and then turn around and be like proned and ready to shoot someone, so it's like a last-second get out of trouble duel.

Bunny hop meta

Bunny hop meta

By Taylor Morgan And there's the problem: with only 30 bullets in the fan now, the movement overall feels At first, because we're back to a bunny hop meta, you're essentially going to be bunny hopping around corners, but you're not going to be doing like a slight Council 360 turn around lock on, and I have to say.

I kind of like that, because bunny hopping around corners. I know a lot of you were hoping that something like the Bunny Hall meta wouldn't exist anymore, but you have seen that kind of like Fade Away Bunny Hop, when you're looking around a corner, stuff in that direction, you're not necessarily just going to be doing it all the time.

You can actually do very well by just walking around normally, but, see, there was a dolphin diving around the corner, so I was being safe because I got shot in the back. I dolphin dived down the stairs. I tried to turn around and be ready for the person coming. The good thing is that due to the recoil actually being there and the gun shaking, as you can see when you're shooting, there is actually something happening in the gun.

You're not really like playing Super Easy Ultra Beat like it doesn't matter if you're playing mouse and keyboard or if you play controller, there are some significant visuals going on when you're shooting, but not to a point where you can't hit your shots because of the visual. It's just not as clean as it used to be, as you see there, like you kind of shoot and you have a hard time sometimes seeing the person even though it kind of promotes extremely good tracking.

And centering, because when you start shooting, you need to be on target to have the best visuals. You're not going to be shooting a full-auto gun and then kind of trying to drag it on a target. No, you need to start essentially shooting when you're on target or when you expect to be on and Then, together with a little bit slower movement, I think they go really nicely together.

New movement better for everyone

New movement better for everyone

Because it's not going to be like who can slide that weirdo best around the corner. You need to be mobile but mobile like a normal person, not like someone on Adderall kicking in and flying around the side.

Side cancel is definitely something to get used to because you end up jumping, but jumping is extremely loud since the audio is actually quite good in the game and you can hear the distance to enemies when you jump. That makes a very loud cutting noise when you black out. So, your opponents can really easily hear that, so jumping in general might just not be the smartest choice when you're trying to traverse over the map.

I mean, when you're going around a corner, jumping is definitely a thing. It's got to come when you're going around a corner, but jumping is definitely a thing. You can always go from one jump to a normal bunny hop. That will be essentially how the New Movement is going to work. You saw me like I jumped around the corner.

I have an entry. I get him down, but all in all, it's more that you need to adapt and have some different movement, and it honestly feels good to just walk over the map because you get it again. Think about how much noise I make. Do I walk through grass? Do I do metal?

Move smart not harder

Move smart not harder

It's kind of like Happening Here Right Now , and that's very nice because if you're constantly just like canceling, you don't even think about these movements, you just essentially end up. I mean, you see. I really have this jumping issue where right now I just constantly jump because, because that's what you kind of have in your mind right now, like you've got to do some kind of movement, but it's only when you're walking around a corner that you should do the jump and essentially prepare for a double jump, then be able to track your opponent down.

That's the new movement you kind of get used to, but it's really hard to get lost in your freaking, slight cancel movement because it's so ingrained in the US now, we have a hard time here. I could hear the enemy left and right, and I essentially knew where he was going to be just by the noise, and that felt extremely good.


I do think Modern Warfare and Warzone will profit from this because, like this. Warzone will then again turn into a game where you have to think about where you're being positioned instead of just being able to like slide cancel. Bunny Hop 360 turn around Fade Away jump push in every single building and just win with controller, it's not about promoting camping, it still promotes being agile and moving around due to the soundscape just being so extremely good but, at the same time.

You now have to change your overall behavior and just how you approach things. Like, if there is a gap from building left to right and you're running through it, you can like run through it and then think about dolphin diving, essentially, instead of slack-clogging through the open or just walking through it.

cod new

There's obviously more to come. I'm on an airplane right now, as the article gets released. I'll be answering the comments. Tell me what you think about the release in total, about the New Movement mechanics. More articles are going to come in the next couple of days, so shorts take dogs to have an eye for that gun Rico controlled and the gunsmith again completely walked through.

I got it all for you with, you know, the eye of the casual, the eye of the gun dark, but if you enjoyed the game or not, don't forget to check out the other content and, as always, have a fantastic

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