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amr9 build

What's good YouTube In today's article, we dropped 27 kills with the AR9. This is probably the most-slept-on SMG at the moment. I'm not sure why more people don't use this gun; it has great mobility and kills fast. Now let's get to the game. RI sh my, For the first attachment, we use the Amr9 Commando Pro Buau.

This helps out with the aim-down sight speed sprints of fire speed and movement speed. If you don't care much about mobility. I would use the long barrel; this helps out more with the damage range and bullet velocity, but if you want a mixture between movement and killing fast. I would use the Commando Pro Buau.

For the stock, I use the Pipeline Pro LTS; this helps out with the movement speed and sprint speed. The other stocks either decrease the movement speed or recoil control, so I do believe this is the best stock. I use the 50-round mag, which is perfect for fighting multiple people at once. If you don't want to use the 100-round drum, you lose too much mobility.

amr9 build mw3

And then for the last attachment, we use the phandom grip. This helps out with the sprint of fire speed and aim-down sight speed as well. Here's the complete build. This has been one of my favorite SMGs I've been using lately. If you don't like the iron sights with this gun, you can throw on an optic, and I would just remove the rear grip.

Best AMR9 Class Setup Warzone 3 Best AMR9 Class Warzone 3 MW3 Best SMG Class Setup. new META AMR9 Build in WARZONE 3! Best AMR9 Class Setup Loadout - MW3. Watch me live.
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