News - New Free Store Blueprints (warzone 2 Glitch)

cod glitch

In this article, I'll be showing you how to use any store blueprint for free. This glitch only works in ranked play, but it's a really good way to test the weapons before you buy them. But first, if you are wanting to play in bot lobbies, maybe you want the new skin, or you just can't wait to unlock Camos, then check out {180}.

They offer instant delivery at the best prices, and their service works on all systems. Make your way into ranked play and then into the weapons. You will notice the store option beside the armory, so select that on any weapon, and it will show you all the store blueprints for that weapon. This is the best glitch to use if you are thinking about purchasing a bundle and want to test it out first, or you can use it to try out some of the tracers, but just make sure you remove any of the attachments that ranked play doesn't allow.

Once you have all of your guns equipped, head into the game. There are a couple of different modes to play in ranked play, and it can be a pretty fun but intense way to level up if we find a method to save these weapons as blueprints. And that's all for now.

This video shows you how you can use any store blueprint for free! This is the best way to test them out against other players to see how they handle.
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