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Hey You know, brutal honesty. I hope that the developers see that they can fix it in two months. I'ma just jump right into it because after Pla, you know. It's a lot different when you play it versus when you watch it on stream, so one thing I'm going to say off rip is that I think that the map was great.

I think the map is great. You know, the storyline of War Zone 2 is fantastic. You know, Caldera. The map was ripped off, and the map was rocked. For War Zone Two, for I forget what the map is called, Owl Something, but it's very good. I loved the close-range fights when we were playing it. There are a lot of close-range gunfights, which I personally love.

They brought back the high rise in the terminal, which is great, so for just the baseline of it, it's fantastic. One of the problems I think they need to fix is the gulags. If you don't know the gulag, it's a 2v2 and there's actually a way for people in the gulag to escape. They didn't have to fight you.

They can just grab it like a key and escape. That's what happened to me in one of the war zone games. I personally think that needs to be changed. I think they should just revert back to the good look. You know, I like that they tried something different, but Gulag was so simple and understandable, Great concept, that.


I just needed a good map for it, and the thing with 2v2 is that it's really RNG, right? It's pretty nerve-wracking because you don't know if you're going to get a really good teammate or a really bad teammate, so if you get a bad teammate, it's a 2V1, you know what I mean. So I don't think the gulag concept in the long term will work because it's just too You know, it's not based on you anymore, like if you lose, it's your fault.

If you lose in this one, it may not be your fault; it may simply just be because you have a bad teammate, so I think the gulag is something that definitely needs to be changed in just the whole concept of it. I like the 2v2 aspect, but then in the end. I thought if I have a bad team and I'm rock, one thing I'm pretty sad about is that they said there's gonn't perks at launch, whether you can get them from a loadout or lootable perks.

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I think that's really bad. I think they should really do some lootable perks. I don't mind them not having the loadout, but we should be able to get perks in war zones. It's a great feature. I love the lootable perk system, and it's something they should definitely implement in it. Why'd you put it in the caldera but don't put it in a war zone too?

It doesn't really make any sense. Also, like plates and ammo, there should be automatic pickups. That was one thing that when I was playing, when I was playing the game, when I would open Chess, I would have to physically pick this stuff out of the chest instead of it just popping out. A feature that should just slow the game down entirely was entirely that I hated, so they definitely didn't fix that.

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You'll see it in the gameplay, but you'd open a chest, you'd see a gun, money, and ammo and you'd have to like pick it up and you know, I mean, it's just I really didn't like it. You know, if I noticed that the sounds of the chess were very low, as you guys know, in Warzone, when you walk past the building, you usually listen for chess, and if you don't hear chess, you assume it's looted, so you kind of keep going that's a fast that's the fast pace of Warzone.

You know, I mean, you only have time to sit there and look through the entire building if you can hear chess. You're going to go loot it. So they didn't make the chest a lot louder in Warzone 2 and, um, it's just a lot easier to loot. Another thing that I don't really see the point in is the AIS.

The AIS in War Zone 2 had way too many of them, like it was really overwhelming. You would pop a UAV and the AIS would pop up on the UAV, which it should not do at all. That is definitely dumb. AI should not be present on a UAV at all. I think there are just way too many. There were so many in buildings and when you're playing a war zone like a game like War Zone 2 and it's kind of intense and the AIS can get you killed like an enemy could be nearby, but you have to shoot the AI because they're shooting at you.

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It just gives your entire position, so it just kind of doesn't see the fit of them even in the game. It makes no sense for them to be there. I understand maybe they're at certain points in strongholds, but for them to be in so many buildings in so many different ways, I just didn't see the point of them.

You know, and then they pop up on UAV, and they give away your position and even drop a couple of plates. But like I said, they shouldn't be at all. They should be like very few spots around the map in my personal opinion. One thing that was confusing off the rip that I think they should definitely revert to is that you can only rely on RNG now to find a saxophone to have the extra plate, so off the rip you're only able to get two plates.

You know, in Warzone you've always had three rights. Now, in Warzone 2, the only way you can have three plates is if you find a satchel. I don't really understand that feature now. It's kind of like Blackout, where it's like if you have a statue, you almost have like level three armor, which needs to be taken away.

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I don't know that just has to be reverted. You know, like the baseline of the game is great, it's just the quality of life changes they made for so long over Warzone that we're used to. They just completely reverted back to it. You know, it's like we've gone from even before Warzone to Blackout.

One of the biggest things that I know a lot of people are asking about is the slide cancel. I personally don't mind that there's no slide canceling in the game, you know, but I mind that. The fluidity of the slide is non-existent, like I can't, there's no point in sliding, and the sliding feature has been a staple in the last four Call of Duty games, and it was so smooth and in many of them, even without the whole slide canceling, you could just slide and shoot at the same time, which was incredible.


You can't even do that now. The slide you like is almost like a dead stop halfway through the slide, and you can't even shoot while sliding, so I think that definitely needs to be tweaked. It's this, you. I can't even slide and shoot and the fluidity of it is so bad, it's just like that needs to be changed, that needs to be tweaked for sure, and a lot of these changes that I'm saying can be changed in two months, like.

I'm not saying change the POI of the map now, like I'm not saying any of that. Also, one thing that needs to be worked on is the buy station. The buying station When I clicked on the buy station, it showed three different options. To go into now, the buy station should be something that is beyond simple, like it should be the simplest, like how the old buy station was, because you don't want to get stuck on that thing getting shot at.

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