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Yo, what is going on YouTube, and it's your boy Alex coming at you guys with a brand new article. So I'm currently in Miami, man. I'm taking a little vacation, hanging out with the family before really going crazy with Warzone 2, but in today's article, man. I'm gonna give I'm gonna be giving my honest opinion on Awards on Two and how I'm currently feeling about Words on Two.

And to be honest with you guys, I was very happy. I was on two to be completely honest with you guys. I wasn't really happy about words until I was kind of nervous just because everybody was saying, you know, Galaxy. We're not going to have Sly cancel. The movement is going to be weird. The guns are going to feel weird.

That's what everybody was saying, but now that we're actually seeing gameplay and we have seen people play the beta. I've played the beta myself on console, which sucks that I haven't been able to upload any content on that just because here's the setup that I'm at right now. I tried to record but it's just not working, so I haven't been able to upload any content on MW2.

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I have played it and I'm honestly loving it, so I feel like the main point that we should talk about is movement. We all thought the movie was going to be bad. We all thought that we weren't going to have slide cancel, and somehow we already knew how to slide cancel. The beta has been out for like not even 24 hours and I'm posting this article, so we already know how to slide cancel.

In the war zone now, not in words, but in MW2, there is a way to do it, which I'm pretty sure is like super easy. You just have to just disable some of the settings and all you have to do is, you know, slide the ads and jump and you should be able to slide cancel. It's obviously not as smooth as modern warfare, but you can still do it pretty much and you can still break people's cameras and go crazy with it, so we got that out of the way.

We thought that was always going to be bad just because of that, but the movement is back. It's not as crazy, but you can still have some really good movement, and I'm sure by the time the game develops more and more, the movement is going to get smoother and smoother. I feel like point number two on why Warzone is going to be so good and so big is that it's a full-on fresh game, man.


We're gonna be having new guns and, overall, just a brand new feel to the game, which is something that I feel like we all need. You know what I mean, and to be honest, a lot of the guns, even in the beta right now, feel smooth and they are pretty balanced. You can pretty much use whatever you want, and you can still slay with it.

Warzone 2 is also going to be one of the biggest games of all time, and I feel like just because they're dropping Warzone, mobile, it's going to be big, like, if you really think about it, man. PC, and mobile because not everybody has a console or a PC to play the game, but being able to play it on their phones—you're going to be able to play Warzone on your phone—it's going to just open so many opportunities for us as people playing the game but also as creators.

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We're going to be able to upload more content. I might just have to open up on mobile with a mobile YouTube channel. I'm just uploading content for you guys just because there are going to be so many people playing words on their mobiles. I'm not sure if you guys have seen the clips that are going around already on proximity chat, literally in the beta.

I think I can already smell it around here. Bobby Pop literally just hit him with a shot to Nick Marks' and that alone issues. I feel like as soon as the game drops we're going to be able to do that, but, with random people, the content is just going to get better and better. Don't get me wrong, it's gonna be toxic, but I feel like it's gonna be fun.

You guys are going to want to watch that type of content. Think about this right now: you're in a 1v4 situation, you're just completely smoking a team, and you're going to be able to literally talk to them while you're smoking them. It's just that the opportunities for content with proximity chat are just infinite.

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Something that I feel like a lot of you are also excited about is the brand new gunsmith and how guns are going to work on TuneIn NW. You guys know, with modern warfare right now, you pretty much have to level up every single gun in a specific in order to be able to use it with the brand new gunsmith right now.

With two, all you have to do is literally level up one gun. You get all the attachments from one gun and you're going to be able to use those attachments on every single gun, so let's just say you max out an SMG. You're going to be able to use all of those attachments in your other SMD. So you don't have to sit there and grind all those guns.

It's going to be as simple as that. You grind up one gun and you don't have to grind any more. The other gun, you're going to be straight up vibing. I feel like that's going to just make the game so much more enjoyable for the casual player, so maybe the warzone community and the following player base are going to grow so much because people that have jobs, people that have school, they're gonna be able to just level up one go and hop on the game and they're gonna have the best, like you know the meta, weapons, it's gonna be so easy for casual players.

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I'm not sure if you guys have seen how the brand new like Zone. And the circles are gonna work with Warzone now, but pretty much there's gonna be a new circle system in Warzone where as soon as the game drops, obviously, there's going to be a big circle at the very end, which is going to be a big, big circle.

I'm pretty sure there are, let's just say, four zones. We're going to be in four really big circles. That big circle is going to be split into three, or two, circles across the map, so there's going to be three little circles across the map. I can have my editor have a picture on screen, but there's going to be three circles across the map, so we're able to have pretty small fights.

They're going to be pretty much closed down for like small little micro battles, so it's going to be three small circles. People in those circles are gonna be fighting each other, and then what's gonna get crazy is those three circles are gonna merge again. They're going to get back together, and they're going to have to go down to a smaller circle.

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So those three circles or two circles, they're going to have to pretty much all rotate into one small circle. That's what the brand new circle system is going to do, which at the beginning I was feeling like "man, this is not feeling good, like I'm not really liking this," but as soon as I saw it.

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