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So weekend one of the beta weekend two starts tomorrow. Are you looking forward to anything in particular, either out of the upcoming beta weekend here where all platforms can play, or anything you're looking forward to with the full release? What are the case driver's thoughts? I'd love to have you and finally check out my friends over at Gamer Advantage for the best blue light glasses on the market, but more on them later on. For now, let's talk about this gamble that modern warfare 2 and warzone look to be taking, so let's first set the stage here for the year ahead.

The potential that modern warfare 2 has

The potential that modern warfare 2 has

We don't know specifics like launch map counts, mode counts, grind-worthy content counts, weapon counts, or anything like that for Modern Warfare 2 and that mainline experience, but at a glance, this year on paper has the potential to be the biggest and most in-depth year of cod we've seen at face value.

6v6 traditional multiplayer, for the multiplayer experience, with ground war being added in for that larger scale combat. Probably going to be competing a little bit with battlefield players once again here as they did in moderate for 2018, trying to steal a little bit of that market away from warzone for the battle royale and warzone players, maybe picking up some more market cap in terms of the looter and extraction sub genre, comparable to say, tarkov players, bringing them over to the call of duty experience, and I guess you could throw Spec Ops 2 in there for those who want classic spec ops.

Grant, some people do play Call of Duty campaigns; I have more than once. I did it quite a few times with mod warfare 2019 and even to a degree in Black Ops Cold War around launch. I had more time in the campaign, playing all the endings a couple of times over compared to the Cold War mp, where there were only like five to six 6v6 maps in traditional mp.

For a lot of people, though, it's a one-and-done if you play it at all. And again, that's at face value. I have absolutely no idea how the reception of these modes will come to full launch. Maybe mp flounders Maybe Warzone 2 doesn't correct course, but on paper, this is the most major mode we've ever seen listed with a ship in a game and shortly thereafter, so .

The modern warfare 2 multiplayer gamble.

The modern warfare 2 multiplayer gamble.

The gamble: truthfully, I think there's a more minor and a larger one to discuss here. The smaller scale one is kind of compounding off what we talked about yesterday, mp in that traditional 6v6 experience.

The less of the two, we won't stay on this one too long and we already kind of talked about it, so we don't want to beat a dead horse. The only inherent gamble that I see is infinity war doubling down on certain design elements. The loss on that gamble would be to push away a segment of the community.

Now, I've already said my piece on twitter elsewhere. I think that some of the doubling down is kind of illogical and nullifies the value of certain attachments and or perks in the game, between that mini-map and things like dead silence, and I'm sure that plenty disagree. It's something that I'll have to get used to.

I'm not that guy that's going to be like, "This is game-breaking." I can't play without it. because that's not the case. I did just find a model for 2019, so I'll do just fine in Modern Warfare 2. It's just a matter of which systems I'd prefer in terms of design. I get that the games do not cater to me, but to every one of us who wants similar design decisions. I'm sure there are probably 10 to 100 weekend gamers out there that just don't find some of the logic in the discussed reasoning that they brought up as of yesterday in that blog post.

The big gamble on warzone 2 and dmz.

The big gamble on warzone 2 and dmz.

But the bigger gamble, to me, comes down to the warzone. Now my thoughts on this stay 100. Fundamentally speaking, looking at this new experience of War Zone, the gameplay loop that we saw at Cod Next and that first showcase of it, fundamentally, that was not a bad battle royale game.

Point blank, it's not a bad battle royale game from what we saw in what we played. The issue that I see is that it's not a warzone experience. The mode had a different identity than what we expected for a warzone experience. No loadouts, major gulag changes, different looting mechanics. It's going to be a hell of a battle royale experience, but it lacked that identity to differentiate between something like Pubg or your standard battle royale elsewhere.

cod warzone

When I looked at that game and compared it to others out there, what made it unique in that build? I mean, maybe that triple storm split. Maybe that's if we're being generous, but it stripped that unique identity of Warzone away from the original arma mods. Minecraft Hunger Games, custom games, h1z1.

Pubg, and those original battle royales on the market in the last 10 years or so set up the genre, but games like Fortnite added a unique element for building. Apex has its own special abilities. Fall Guys is just that fun party game that you don't really have to care about and it's just laugh the entire way, but then there are dozens of other battle royale games that have those unique experiences.

Hyperscape, Realm Royale, Super People, and so on. Warzone's unique element was undoubtedly that loadout system. Then things like the gulag and with one building to the next, it essentially wiped out half of that uniqueness. Off the map again, not fundamentally bad for the gameplay loop, but just weird to see what made it so successful and unique quickly tossed to the side.

To me, it did and still does feel like Warzone is being built off of the DMZ. Not the other way around, we're not trying to make each unique gameplay loop and honestly, looking back, this kind of makes sense from some rumors that we heard, where Dmz was apparently meant to be in Modern Warfare 2019, but the development was off and on between then didn't make the cut and then it's been since expanded upon for this game and beyond, so maybe it was even the original blueprint for the original Warzone when you look at it.

The overabundance of ai looting mechanics, the loot locations and where you can find stuff, creates strongholds with those ai locations, cash and cash registers looting on shelves, and then other things like vehicle play with damage, gas, and repair abilities, all of that is geared towards the looter aspect of the game, trying to survive and then perhaps extracting, like you would see in Tarkov.

This mode is akin to Tarkov at its base, but for Warzone, that slows the gameplay down tremendously and alters that basic gameplay loop. A warzone, not a battle royale, but a warzone.

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