News - Meta" Buffed Chimera Should Be Banned (ashika Island Warzone 2. 0) Best Loadout Class For Chimera



If you haven't already tried out the Con Mirror, you need to because they just buffed it and made its damage way higher than it used to be today. I'm going to be giving you the absolute best class setup for it, and I'm going to be showing you insane 18-kill gameplay. Dudes, let's get into.

Class setup

It's all right, guys, so for the first attachment, we've got to throw the 45-round mag on just because 30 is not enough. The ammo we're using is over-pressured ammo, which is going to help you kill your enemy because whenever you're shooting at them, it makes their gun go all over the place, and this is what we did for the tuning on it; we made it basically for recoil.

best chimera build warzone 2 season 5

Under the barrel, I like to use the F-Tac Ripper 56. It helps out a lot with recoil control and makes the gun an absolute beam, so you can control it a lot better, and, for the tuning, here's what I got for you right here: We put it more on the recoil side but not all the way to the top; that way we still have some good ads, and then we put some aim walking speeds so that we're pretty fast.

META BUFFED CHIMERA SHOULD BE BANNED Ashika Island WARZONE 2. 0 Best Loadout Class for Chimera.
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