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We are going to go over my basic thoughts on Warzone 2. Now there's a lot I've got to say about this game. I'm not going to lie, going into Call of Duty: Next War Zone 2 was what I was most excited to see, obviously. Warzone is the primary focus here on the channel, so saying the next iteration, I am incredibly excited for that now.

We didn't get much on Warzone Mobile, which is what it is. I probably won't focus too much on that, but I was most excited about Warzone 2 and, now, it is what I was the most disappointed in, and honestly, the most concerned about. If we're being honest. I was not in LA. I was invited, but I wasn't able to attend.

So I have not physically played Warzone 2. However, the gameplay you guys are sitting on in the background is from Espresso. He let me use some footage for that, so you guys have that to watch in the background. I've talked with him a lot. I've talked with other creators who have played the game to get a general consensus on how they felt, and obviously, as a spectator, I have my own opinions on what's going on here.

I enjoyed seeing what I was more neutral about and what I'm pretty concerned about when it comes to the long-term gameplay format. So we're obviously breaking all this down. I do want to start first with what I am honestly pretty interested in and pretty excited about for War Zone Two.

Al mazrah map looks great

Al mazrah map looks great

The first thing that really stood out to me initially was the map. I mean, it just looks awesome. All masra, or almazra, is what it's called, and it looks cool. It looks like it's sort of a combination of Verdansk and Caldera.

The verticality is not nearly as rough as it is in Caldera. There's not like one central, super high point that you're always running up. It seems like there's a good mix of verticality. Up and down in various areas, there are plenty of different buildings to engage with, just like onward dance.

Honestly, the map looks really, really good. I like the colors of it. I like the design of it. I love the fact that it has the water elements and swimming. That's all going to be a really, really cool change. Warzone 2 core warzone gameplay, and that in and of itself is something I'm very excited about, but unfortunately, the core of the pros, if you will, for Warzone 2 for me stops.

With the map. I'm not going to lie, it really bums me out.

Neutral impressions

I want to say that , before we get into all the things that really scare me about the game and concern me about the game, there are a few things that I'm a little bit more neutral about, some things that I kind of like, but I could see how they could maybe be an issue.

Warzone 2 new vehicle mechanics

Warzone 2 new vehicle mechanics

The The first is the new vehicle mechanics as far as leaning out of windows, going jumping onto the roof, and being able to jump off of vehicles. I think that's all really, really cool and that's going to provide for some very interesting gameplay and very fun gameplay as well as getting into engagements with other vehicles.

This is not going to be as monotonous as it was on Caldera, where you just drive for 20 minutes and you can essentially just keep driving alongside one another and never actually fight or, you know, come to a conclusion there. It's a lot more specific here where you can actually engage with other vehicles, and I'm excited about that.

I'm a little bit concerned about the mechanics of driving. You know, it looked like it was very clunky and more realistic and heavy than what it is now in Warzone, so hopefully they can fine tune that. I also do like the fact that there's limited gas and that there's damage to vehicles like that and you can repair them.

You can refuel. I think that'll be cool as well.

No perks

Another thing I'm neutral on is the lack of perks. As we've talked about before, Infinity Ward has stated there are not going to be viable perks in the buy stations. In theory, those could come later, or in theory, those could be ground loot like what we have in Warzone now, admittedly.

I could do without the perks. I think that levels the playing field a lot. You wouldn't have to deal with cheesy things like, of course, Serpentine Combat Scout ghosts. Everyone would be on equal footing through there, and I feel like that really reinforces gunplay and gun skills over cheesy. I feel like I just mentioned that having no perks is not the end of the world, but missing out on unloadable perks I feel like would be an L because I really love the lootable perks and Warzone. I think it's one of the best quality-of-life updates that they've ever done, I think, so sort of stepping back from that, I think, is a bit strange.

Spectator pov

Spectator pov

The last thing I'm sort of neutral on is the new spectator cam. It's like a GoPro angle from their shoulders, so it looks different. It's a cool angle, but it gives you no information as a spectator.

It's going to hide cheaters, essentially. You can't get that first-person view. It's going to limit your ability as a teammate to help out and sort of backseat, if you will, when you're trying to spectate your teammate because you don't have that first-person view and you don't necessarily see what they're saying.

I don't know, I just feel like the lack of information from that POV hurts it more than it helps.

What i␙m concerned about for warzone 2.0

So it's just a cool POV, so I'm sort of indifferent about that as well, but then we get to the cons, which concern things that I'm genuinely a little bit scared about when it comes to this game because it just looked weird.

It shares the article around. Hopefully, we can make a positive impact on the game by speaking our minds here and talking about these things that we hope to see changed. When Infinity Ward hears this, they make changes accordingly. Around 52 percent of viewers aren't subbed, and I've got you covered every single day.

But when it comes to the concerns about Warzone 2, I just feel like the game has an identity problem. It doesn't know what it is because it's trying to be too many different things. We already know MW2 is going to be jam-packed full of content, multiplayer, and campaign spec ops. DMZ warzone 2 , raids eventually as well.

There won't be a beta for this game. So our opinions are strictly coming from what we viewed. So what we're concerned about I feel like should probably be a pretty high priority for Infinity One and for the devs to change, so : For one, the building where they played at the next event was old.

The early build (silver lining)

The early build (silver lining)

They specified that it was an alpha version of the game, probably several months old, so that it was stable and they knew how to control it.

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