News - Faze Pamaj's Best Akimbo Sniper Class Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Quickscope Class Warzone 2

best attachments for sa-b 50

It's a very, very quick class, and there are two snipers in this class. I'm going to show you all of them in just a moment, but as you can see, we do run two sniper stuns. Throwing knives perks back into double time. Overkill fast hands with a quick fix Field upgrades are dead science. Munitions, boxes The first sniper we're going to take a look at, guys, is the Sab 50 that Pamage does run; he goes to the FSS, the Olay V laser with the Luca Bandera scope, and for the optic, we go XRK.

Spec the mod for the stock, the Schlager match grip for the rear grip, and the FSS st87. For the bolt, in terms of tuning on the optic, it comes all the way down to ads, speed, and his left bang in the middle for that. I rarely get a hit on Mark with this gun, which is what makes it just very, very good, and in terms of the tuning for this gun, it's just the optic all the way down to the ad speed, but other than that, we do not tune anything but the class apps.

I love you, teammate, for real.

In this video we take a look at Pamajs best quickscope class setup in modern warfare 2! The best sa-b 50 class setup in modern warfare 2 and the best mk2 lockwook class setup in mw2! This is the best sa-b 50 quickscope class setup mw2 also built with the best mk2 lockwood quickscope class setup in modern warfare 2.
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