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Call of Duty has officially revealed not only modern warfare 2 gameplay but warzone 2 and even a little bit of information on DMZ, as well, but within this reveal they may have given us, quite honestly, just a little bit more information than most people can handle, so I've taken the opportunity, as I sadly wasn't invited to play early, to dive deep into the details shared during the Call of Duty next streams to compose all this information into a more digestible format.

However, before we get into things, you need to know that modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 are very tightly integrated. In fact. I'll really only be focusing on war zones simply because, firstly, it's what I love so dearly about the Call of Duty franchise, but more importantly, it's what I imagine most players are going to be enjoying as it's free to play, unlike modern warfare 2.

Without further ado, let's go ahead and slide right into all the wonderful things we know so far. To start off, as previously stated, these games were developed quite literally side by side. This means not only are they going to have the same mechanics, but the storyline and the world itself are going to be one in the same now.


I'm not sure how many of you struggled to follow the storyline of the original war zone, but personally it felt kind of like a mess to me. As an example, we can look into how Infinity Ward has begun building out the multiplayer game modes. They stated the large maps created for DmZ and Warzone will actually be from not only older Call of Duty titles but a collection of points of interest from modern warfare 2 maps.

This means it could include the smaller 6v6, or even the massive ground war maps. I felt it was best to separate all this information into four different segments, and those are as follows. As for general gameplay, gameplay mechanics, user interface, and additional info as for general gameplay, there's honestly a lot to unpack here, especially with how different Warzone 2 is going to be from the original that we all know and love.

First off, the most important thing you need to know, and something that's going to immediately be upsetting to most people, is the change in loadouts. By change, I mean they removed them from Warzone 2 entirely. This is going to be a pretty controversial point, especially seeing as loadouts have always been the core mechanic that separated Warzone from other battle royales.


I don't necessarily agree 100 percent with the decision, but I do see why they would remove the loadouts to begin with. No battle royale has ever really had a mechanic like that in the game, and because it's been in Warzone for the past few years, we've seen that it can make the game unbelievably fun.

The developers wanted to put a huge focus on the fun element rather than just the grinding to get the same gun as every other pro streamer is using. I genuinely think that while a lot of people are going to be upset with this change, it could be a step in the right direction. However, with past loadouts, there's so much more to begin with, just like we've seen with Fortune's keeping the new war zone map al-mazrah.

Al-Mazra, I'm not 100, sure has a lot of different terrain types, whether it be rivers, mountains, or cities. If you can name it, it's likely in there for any of those bush campers. Don't worry, there are plenty of areas for you to hide and pop out at just the right moment to get your very first Warzone 2 elimination.


On the topic of the map. I'm sure you're wondering what it looks like color-wise, and I can confirm it's a bit more saturated than for dance, but seemingly a little bit less saturated than for caldera. You're going to have some colorful spots on the map, but when you get into the areas that are a bit more dusty, it's definitely going to feel that way because of the lack of vibrancy.

As for vehicles, don't you fret. Not only are they making a comeback, they're going to be bigger and better than ever. There are going to be all kinds of different vehicles to traverse the map, and honestly, you're going to need them as this is being done single-handedly. The biggest map we've ever seen in any Call of Duty game, and no, that is not a joke.


The kinds of vehicles include helicopters, tanks, yes, tanks, land rovers, oats, and all kinds of other armored transportation. Furthermore, they all have different ways you can dynamically shoot out of the vehicle, and there's a train moving through certain parts of the map, so if you want to hop on and take a ride, you can.

To further explain just how big the map is, though, here are the 18 official points of interest that can be found throughout all of Mazra Oasis: Tarak Village, Tarak Village. I don't know all about Mazra City. Port Hydroelectric. Marshlands. Syed City Observatory, al-Sharim pass. Sawa vil. Sawa vil Sawa village So how do you say that cemetery, akhdar village, seraph bay airports and fortress Furthermore, look how spaced out they are.

This doesn't even include the unnamed locations throughout these locations. However, you're going to find areas highly guarded by lethal AI bots called "strongholds." Strongholds are known to have higher loot tiers. However, when you defeat all the AI in the strongholds, they can drop a key that will lead you to black sites that provide even higher loot.

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Yeah, that's a bit wild, and before you make an embarrassing mistake, there are also elevators that you can ride to different floors and buildings throughout the map. Just don't stand in the way of the doors closing. Outside of the actual map, we are, of course, getting an all-new, revamped, gulag 2.0.

While this gulag isn't exactly what we're used to, it's actually pretty cool. Basically, you hop into the gulag, and you'll be paired with a random player as a teammate. You and that random player will be facing off against another duo of random players. You'll be forced to loot weapons off the ground and defend yourself from not only the enemies you're facing but also a few AI thrown in as a distraction.

To win this gulag, you'll need to either eliminate the other two enemies, or you can find a key in the middle of the arena, pick it up, and run to the exit to be extracted. While our next section is related to Warzone 2's general gameplay. I found there were way too many changes from the original Warzone to not give gameplay mechanics their own piece of the pie, and let me tell you why: Slide cancelling is no longer in the game, so it's going to feel more slowed down for the casual player.

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They've also added a new diving mechanic that just clears the height of most windows, which doesn't inherently seem broken, but we'll see how that goes later on. You now take fall damage based on the height of a fault, not like in the original war zone where you just die after 13 meters. As for the four new vehicles mentioned, they now have a fuel gauge and will require you to go to fill them up.

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