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We're fine, all right.

My biggest feedback

at war zone war zone, I had food with the devs the night after we played the game, and I talked a lot, and I'm being very avid with them. They're going to probably hate me, but I don't care because I love Warzone, and y'all also love Warzone, and I know that they have a set date to release the game.

I don't know if it's like November 25th or something, or Warzone, and I said, "Listen to me, this is so important." I said if Warzone 2 is not ready on a certain day that you are supposed to release it (the 16th), do not release the game. Push it off for a few more weeks. Please do not release a game that is not finished, like with Caldera.

Caldera was terrible. If you were on console, you literally couldn't even play the map, but they had to just release the map and, now, so many people have written off Caldera as a terrible map right now. I love the map right now. It's amazing how Caldera is phenomenal but so many people because they released it early.

The map was so bad that everybody wrote off Caldera. If it's half done, people are going to write off the whole game. The whole thing and not playing it.

The new map

The new map

And I said that is very very, very important and for the map, I think it's called Al Majra. I think it's called "I honestly thought it was good." There are old spots and new spots. I think it plays like a real BR. The thing which I feel like we're kind of getting away from is playing a battle royale.

Looting system

When you would ping stuff on the map, it wouldn't show up like you couldn't find things like loot or bounty or things like that. You would ping a bounty and you couldn't even find it. I was like, "Where the heck is this bounty?" I was like, going through certain rooms was weird, and the whole looting was The system is just weird, like trying to find loot and open chests and things and not trying to fill your inventory.

That was just super weird, and I think a lot of people are also forgetting that War Zone 2 will not be like War Zone One at all, which I think is good. We've been playing the same game for the last three years. Learning a brand new looting system, a new movement system, new guns, We're not trying to have the last three years of movement do the same things that we've been doing with the AI Bots.

Ai. bots

A.i. bots

There were way too many AI where I felt like you couldn't even find people when you were fighting, or if you were fighting real players, the AI would literally give up your position or, like, start shooting at you, or, you'd be fighting and feel like you'd be fighting against the AI and not knowing who the real players were versus the AI was dumb.

New 2v2 gulag

The gulag, I think, is also very very stupid when it comes to the gulag. I feel like the gulag should be literally 1v1. A better player, which we know how that goes sometimes, should win all the time. I think that doing a 2v2 with a random teammate is so dumb. Like it's so dumb you can get a key to the gulag and leave and not even fight.

So stupid i fought an AI in the gulag. I fought in AI like, "What are we doing?" "No, go back to the OG." That's what makes Warzone a war zone. You don't have to make Wars on One like Warzone 2, but you can still keep some of the core things like a gulag and a 1v1 as the foundation of the OG Warzone One.

Good luck there's nothing wrong with that. Let's not try to be in 2v2 mode. That's not even a gunfight because you can escape. Let's not do that. Obviously, the vehicles felt weird; they were hard to drive, but that's This is an easy fix movement-wise, so this is a big thing.

Movement system

Movement system

Here's my take on movement. Okay, hot takes here because I know a lot of you guys are always like Joe, No, slide canceling Joe, what are we going to do? The game is over.

We're fine all right we're going to be fine here. The thing that I told the devs that I said is that the broken mechanic of side-cancelling is very stupid. It's okay for the casual players, but for the non-20 players who make up 99.9% of the game’s players, canceling is dumb. Every five seconds is stupid.

It hurts your thumbs and breaks your controllers all right. It's dumb i said this: you need to speed up the slide speed as you're sliding, make the sprint tough fire when you're sliding a lot faster to make sliding and sliding around a corner to get it to an engagement or gunfight more important and prevalent, but you don't need to have slide canceling where you have to slide cancel to get around the map all the time.

That's dumb i think that's actually stupid. Now they need to be sure. I also said that it's very important to make the sliding speed faster. You can actually use it to engage in gunfights, but not all the time. Also, I said you guys need to make the base movement speed, walking speed, and running speed faster because it did feel a little bit slow compared to all the other games that I've played.

I played Blackout, Apex, and Warzone One, and it just seemed like the bass movement speed. I'm not talking about slide canceling. I'm talking about just how fast you run. You definitely felt slow.

Plating speed

Plating speed

The thing that I also didn't like was when you would find plates that were really hard to find and things like that when you were plating. I literally couldn't run. I couldn't run, so I bought someone. I got hurt and started to plate up and tried to like run as I was plating and I was literally like pot walking like, there's no outplay systems if you can't make a play while you're healing, things like that add a skill.

Gap is cresting, circle X over and over and over and over and over and over a skill Gap No, is making it where you can outplay people, channeling a team running at them while plating. I was sliding around a corner. You're fighting is that, yes, but is slide canceling, over and over and over skill, Gap I don't think so.

Gun balance (recoil)

The thing that I did love is, obviously, when we were building guns. I don't know the loadout system, which we can talk about shortly, but it seemed like when I was building guns, guns. It had recoil, which is a super w, a literal W. I know people were like, "Well, look at the streamers on well and they can't shoot." I'm like, yo guns.

Having said that, you can look at anyone. You can look at the pros that were there. You can look at whoever it is. The person that was there was like, "Yo guns, have recore now, which is good." No more from all the brands across the map. Auto across the map? Every meta that we've had across the map where you can literally just crowd NZ So mount up and shoot across the field.

After taking some time to review and play Warzone 2. Here are my thoughts and feedback for the game. I was honest with the development team and hope they listen to what the community is saying.
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