News - Buffed Movement Chimera Is Now Insane Warzone (warzone 2 Warzone)



Hi Jess, so we got a high kill with the Chimera AR. This is one of the only ARS to get a buff on last week's season five reloaded update. Man, so this thing is pretty nice. Use it as SMG sniper support. Let's go to close-range and mid-range. It does the job. Man, you think around for the glass up.

Glizzy is out of here.


Here's: the builders promised a camera as good as a SMG, in my opinion, or a support sniper; support if you will; it's good to close range to mid-range. Only man long range; you're not doing any damage with it, you know, I mean, so just max it out, Prince of Fire, and walk, move, speed, and you'll be golden.


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