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This week's top gaming news

This week's top gaming news

The battlefield's new boss states that dice made too many changes in 2042. Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer reveal takes things to the next level. Several new assassin's creed games have been revealed, and much more on this week in gaming.

Battlefield's new boss acknowledges 2042's failures

In a recent interview, Vince Zampella opened up about the battlefield and how he plans to bring it back to its roots.

He even acknowledged that Battlefield 2042 strayed too far from what Battlefield was. He stated that Dice tried too many ambitious things and didn't spend enough time iterating on what makes the game fun. Most notably, Vince says that multiple studios are coming together to work on future projects and that they'll be given enough time to make their games.

Rushing development is nothing new and is typically one of the biggest reasons that corners are cut. Hopefully, under Zampella's leadership, developers will be given enough time.

Call of duty modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 gameplay revealed

This week, new details and gameplay for Modern Warfare 2 were revealed at the next event. Content creators and press got hands-on with the new multiplayer modes in Warzone 2.

The developers at Infinity Ward are changing things quite a lot this year, which has got fans debating. Modern Warfare 2 introduces new swimming combat, a whole new gunsmith system, co-op raids and a host of changes to War Zone 2. Most controversially, the player count for warzone has been lowered to 100, and it now features 50 bots.

These bots are also present in the gulag. Loadouts have been removed in favor of store-purchased weapons as well, based on the reactions of people who played the event. The game looks and plays great, but the new changes might not be for everyone. The beta is live for PlayStation 4 owners and will be live on other platforms next week.

Assassin's creed upcoming games showcased by ubisoft

Assassin's creed upcoming games showcased by ubisoft

Ubisoft showcased tons of Assassin's Creed content this week as well. Not only was the next mainline title revealed to be Assassin's Creed Mirage, but several other future projects were announced too. Mirage is a throwback to the stealth-focused Assassin's Creed games.

In contrast, a Japan-based game called Codename: Red will be more RPG themed, similar to Origins or Valhalla. Hexa looks to follow the witch hunts of the 16th century in Europe, where very little information was shared. codenamed Jade, is set in China but is reserved for mobile devices.

The division franchise getting new content and game

At the same ubisoft event, the division also got some announcements.

Division 2 will continue to get quality of life changes and cosmetics. On top of that, Ubisoft announced the division heartland, a new standalone game from Redstorm Entertainment. This support studio has done additional work on past Far Cry games and The Division 2. Heartland will be a free-to-play survival action shooter that supports the same third-party gameplay as the main games, according to the game's creative director.

It'll be based in small-town America, in contrast to the main series' urban setting. Early sign-up tests are currently available for sign-up.

Star citizen's 3.18 update info sounds impressive

Star citizen's 3.18 update info sounds impressive

Star Citizen reaffirmed that its highly anticipated 3.18 update is scheduled to go into public testing this month. This patch will bring persistent entity streaming, allowing all spaceships and objects to remain in the live universe indefinitely.

In addition to this, the patch is pretty much rewriting the entire backend. The server technology in preparation for Star Citizen's future salvaging was also showcased during an episode of Inside Star Citizen. This is an upcoming profession in which players will be able to use tools or even spaceships to strip the holes of spaceships down to their raw materials to either sell or repair other ships.

This profession has been teased for many, many years, and players are eagerly awaiting its deployment in patch 3.18.

Uncharted pc ports get release date

Naughty Dog's hit adventure series "Uncharted" is coming to PC at last. The Legacy of Thieves collection only contains two recent titles, but it's a start. A thief's end and the lost legacy will ship on Steam and Epic Games on October 19th.

The PC version will feature ultra wide support, 4K resolutions, and a variable frame rate. It also features a redesigned UI and more fine tuning to make the performance as consistent as possible. It even supports the PlayStation 5's dual-sense controller with full haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functions.

It's unknown if other games in the series will be ported over. It might depend on the success of this collection .

Elden ring wins game of the year

Elden ring wins game of the year

The Eldon Ring launched earlier this year and instantly received massive praise for its engaging combat and world-building, as many players expected. The first of many game of the year awards was given this week. Eldon Ring was awarded the Japan Game of the Year Award, and while that might seem early, the Japanese game awards run from April to March rather than January to December, and while it is both critically and commercially successful, this is undoubtedly the first of many awards to come its way.

The only major competition seems to be God of War Ragnarok.

And speaking of Ragnarok, Sony released a new story trailer this week. It showcases brand new locations and boss fights, including that of Thor, the God of Thunder. Visually, the game looks great, and the gameplay appears to be as fluid as ever.

Sony also used this opportunity to announce a new limited edition PlayStation 5 controller themed around Ragnarok. The blue and white controller will be available for hardcore fans on November 9th, the day the game launches .

Overwatch 1 shutdown date announced

Overwatch 1 shutdown date announced

The original version of Overwatch that launched back in 2016 will vanish on October 6th. The game servers will be shut down and converted into Overwatch 2. The sequel will launch just over 24 hours later, on October 4th.

Overwatch 2 will be free to play and will ditch the loot box system in favor of a battle pass. It also offers cross-play and cross-progression. Overwatch 2 is adding new heroes and lowering the team count to 5 from 6.

New resident evil 4 remake info revealed

Capcom has kept very quiet about Resident Evil 4's remake since its announcement in June, but during their online show this week they did confirm that the remake would be launching on PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 wasn't mentioned as a launch platform during the reveal, so this is new information. The game's producer also shared that another game showcase will take place in October. Fans are hoping that we'll see some actual gameplay of the remake before we get on to our next story. Let us know what you think of Vince Sampela's interview responses.

Battlefield's new boss Vince Zampella says DICE made several mistakes with the development of 2042.
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